Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pretty In Pink

I just couldn't resist this adorable pink origami bag from From the moment that I laid my eyes on this handbag, I knew I needed to feed it to my closet. This handbag is called the BARLOW and is available in a multitude of adorable colors such as yellow, blush, black, red, and this gorgeous bright pink. I have become a super fan and have been coming up with creative ways to style this bag! Look out for more posts!

Check out the BARLOW family of handbags over at 

Complete outfit details:
  • Dress - Hot Miami Styles
  • Shoes - Valentino
  • Bag - Jessica Buurman

 photo FlowyDress-1_zps17e4b688.jpg

 photo flowydress-3_zps2c6d1a29.jpg

 photo FlowyDress-2_zps1e71940b.jpg



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