Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lemon Drop Lace

 photo LemonDrop-1_zpsf1efae65.jpg

Can it please be spring already? I just can't wait any longer! This dress is perfect for those gorgeous spring afternoons. Check out the amazing selection of fashions at and find this dress available there! I have fallen in love with yellow and this dress brings a smile to my face!

Shop now at

 photo LemonDrop-2_zps5256bd23.jpg

 photo LemonDrop-3_zpsfd0b00ef.jpg



  1. It's a pretty color and an interesting idea. I was not expecting the touch of color on the sleeves. The purse that you chose to go with it is a good match. I like the idea of it being a lemon, to match the color that the designer chose for the dress.

    1. You look stunning in that dress. You don't look like a mother of 6 year old.

  2. The lemon lace look is really nice ,plus the lemon clutch looks too cute .

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