Monday, December 29, 2014

Double Trouble

I'm very lucky to reside in South Florida and wake up to sunny skies in the end of December. This gives me an opportunity to wear my favorite styles, no matter what season they are better suited for.  I was feeling very girly today and decided to wear a girly skater dress I recently bought from an online boutique I found on Instagram. I also have a gorgeous new pair of shoes to show off and I felt like this would be the perfect post!
I have two outfits to showcase tonight because I truly wanted to show off the beauty of the shoes! I am beyond obsessed and reach for these beauties to finish off almost every outfit that I have put together. These gorgeous "MARCA" PVC detailed heels can be purchased at I went with the white toe and nude backing because I felt it was better suited to match up with my outfits, but offers a multitude of options for this particular style.

 photo PinkSkaterDress-3_zpsc17fd6c4.jpg

 photo PinkSkaterDress-1_zps9458a50d.jpg

 photo PinkSkaterDress-4_zps2e9b642f.jpg

 photo HMSSequinDress-2_zps09d19f6e.jpg

 photo HMSSequinDress-3_zpsd68f76eb.jpg



  1. Please wear a ladies Ladies Rolex datejust watch !! you would look hotter , you already look amazingly hot though :)

  2. I love the pink skater dress! its so feminine cute and flirty! you are so lucky to be in south florida! you get to be flirty in december


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