Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry has got to be the color of the season. I have been feeding cranberry shades into my closet and this is my most recent addition. This two piece set can be purchased at HotMiamiStyles.com. The ribbed sweater material is super comfortable, stretchy, and flattering. The waist band adjusts perfectly to your shape, so no squeezing into a muffin top. 

I decided to pair my two piece set with some lace up booties, which are right on trend at the moment. They are one of my favorite trends at the moment and I'm having a hard time controlling my urge to buy almost every cute pair of lace up booties that I pick up while shopping. 

I love two piece sets because they're so versatile and easy to style with various bottoms of tops as well. I have attached a photo at the bottom of the post of how I styles the top from this outfit with a pair of black joggers and a Burberry scarf. It was such an easy, stylish outfit! 

What is your favorite trend at the moment? Do you have a color that you reach for the moment during this time of the year?

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

 photo CRanberry-2_zps3fd254d3.jpg

 photo CRanberry-1_zpsa398994f.jpg

 photo Cranberry-4_zps2ca4e2c6.jpg

 photo Cranberry-3_zps41a1b3bc.jpg
Two Piece Set - www.HotMiamiStyles.com

(Photos from my Instagram account - @KatrinaLomidze)


Monday, December 29, 2014

Double Trouble

I'm very lucky to reside in South Florida and wake up to sunny skies in the end of December. This gives me an opportunity to wear my favorite styles, no matter what season they are better suited for.  I was feeling very girly today and decided to wear a girly skater dress I recently bought from an online boutique I found on Instagram. I also have a gorgeous new pair of shoes to show off and I felt like this would be the perfect post!
I have two outfits to showcase tonight because I truly wanted to show off the beauty of the shoes! I am beyond obsessed and reach for these beauties to finish off almost every outfit that I have put together. These gorgeous "MARCA" PVC detailed heels can be purchased at www.JessicaBuurman.com. I went with the white toe and nude backing because I felt it was better suited to match up with my outfits, but JessicaBuurman.com offers a multitude of options for this particular style. 


 photo PinkSkaterDress-3_zpsc17fd6c4.jpg

 photo PinkSkaterDress-1_zps9458a50d.jpg

 photo PinkSkaterDress-4_zps2e9b642f.jpg

 photo HMSSequinDress-2_zps09d19f6e.jpg

 photo HMSSequinDress-3_zpsd68f76eb.jpg


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Ready

I've been obsessed with anything that gave off a sparkle and this dress has taken the cake! Purchases from Hot Miami Styles, this dress is sure to make you the shining star at any party this holiday season. I paired this dress up with my gorgeous Butterfly heels from www.Jessica Buurman.com. You can find these shoes by following the link HERE

 photo HMS-Sprakles-3_zps3f7aba25.jpg

 photo HMS-Sparkles-2_zps23a5df39.jpg

 photo BUtterfly_zps0cf5107b.jpg


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mochila Bags

 photo Mochila-4_zpsff60243e.jpg

Hello there glamazons!

I am so glad to have discovered Mochila bags! These stylish little satchels are adorable, bright, unique, and stylish! 

Here is a little excerpt from the website to give you an idea about the bags and the amazing history behind them:
"Mochila Bags are one-of-a kind, hand woven tribal totes made by the indigenous Wayuu men & women from La Guajira in Northern Colombia. Each bag takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to be made with the men weaving the shoulder straps and the women weaving the bag itself.  This process has been practiced for thousands of years by tribes and is a way of preserving their heritage, culture and spiritual way of life which is reflected in each and every bag through the use of symbols and colors.  The end result - beautiful and unique bags - each one an original piece of art, brought now to you to enjoy year round."
These bags have been seen on celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens.  These bags are adorable in the bright neon colors, but are also available in neutral Earth tones as well. They are each so beautiful and unique, I am absolutely in love!

Use code KATRINA for 10% off your entire purchase!

 photo Mochila-3_zpsbfb3acbb.jpg

 photo Mochila-2_zpsa3f5480c.jpg

 photo mochila-1_zpsf6bf3c34.jpg


Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Heel...

 photo BLacktwopiece-2_zps42586216.jpg

Welcome back fashionistas!

I'm back with a quick post featuring one of my favorite styles! I am loving this all black two piece set from Hot Miami Styles, but can we please talk about these shoes! I have been wanting a long heeled, high platform stiletto for quite some time now and have found the perfect pair at JessicaBuurman.com! I am so thankful for this site and how affordable their fashion is! I am a huge fan and will be back for more, so stay tuned!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day! 

You can buy these shoes at 

 photo BlacktwoPiece-4_zps09b2c0e2.jpg

 photo Blacktwopiece-1_zps0c23379f.jpg


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blue Bows

 photo BuurmanBlue-2_zpsbaf8d548.jpg

Hello Fashion Lovers!

I'm back with another post featuring a shoe lovers dream! These ANGOP  blue bow high heels are adorable and super comfortable. I got these royal blue beauties from JessicaBuurman.com. I'm already picking out tons of things in my closet to pair up with these heels. I just can't wait to wear them again and again. The heel is 4 inches high, so they still give you some comfort when you wear them. 

In this post I paired my adorable shoes with a blue dress that I bought from a store called STEPS. I actually got it off of the clearance rack for $15! Major steal! Matched up with a gold plate belt and it looks like I laid down a lot of cash on this outfit, when really, I did the opposite! 

Buy these shoes here - JessicaBuurman.com

 photo BuurmanBlue-3_zpsce1f1747.jpg

 photo BuurmanBlue-5_zps717d1371.jpg

 photo BuurmanBlue-4_zpsbe02cf73.jpg

 photo BuurmanBlue-1_zpsd2e890cc.jpg


Monday, July 28, 2014

Lace Me Up

 photo Ipanema-1_zpsecd606f6.jpg

Hello fashion lovers!

It's been a while since I've posted to my blog, but I have some goodies to share! I have discovered Jessica Buurman, and she is a diva worth knowing! Check out my gorgeous "LOVER" lace up heels that can be purchased from Jessica Buurman. They also come in black, but I found the white to be a better suit for me since I plan to wear them for the daytime. I light sprucing up my bright and colorful outfits with white shoes.  Shop these shoes and more at www.JessicaBuurman.com

The clothing can be purchased at HotMiamiStyles.com

 photo Ipanema-5_zps09fcb1b4.jpg

"LOVER" Lace up heels from www.JessicaBuurman.com

 photo Ipanema-2_zps52464564.jpg

 photo Ipanema-4_zps2509f1cc.jpg

"LOVER" lace up heels from www.JessicaBuurman.com

 photo Ipanema-3_zps1112a129.jpg


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gold Embrace

 photo HMSWhitePlunge-5_zpse1b922db.jpg

Just a quick outfit post featuring this gorgeous white deep V neck bandage dress. I am in love and certainly can't wait until I get to wear it again. 

Have a great evening!

 photo HMSWhitePlunge-3_zpsd22d805f.jpg

 photo HMSWhitePlunge-2_zps7a671495.jpg

 photo HMSWhitePlunge-8_zps37dd5a9d.jpg


Summer Daze

 photo HMSJeans-2_zps0d963a78.jpg

I've thoroughly enjoyed my summer so far and have truly embraced the warm weather through fashion. I have taken full advantage of the amazing new arrivals at Hot Miami Styles and showed some skin to the sun. This outfit was simple and easily put together. You can find each item that I am wearing, besides the bag, at www.HotMiamiStyles.com. HMS previously carried the shoes but have been sold out of them for some time now. I did see these same shoes at stores such as Traffic, and online at stores like Charlotte Russe as well. They're super comfortable and easy to style with various outfits. I found them to be one of my favorite shoes for the summer. 

 photo HMSJeans-3_zpsaa4638cb.jpg

 photo HMSJeans-4_zps3c2f9f8f.jpg

 photo HMSJeans-1_zps09333963.jpg

 photo HMSJeans-6_zps5a2daa31.jpg

 photo HMSJeans-5_zps2514b2de.jpg