Tuesday, November 19, 2013

iPhonography - Viva Las Vegas - Photo Heavy

I was recently invited over to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in a tennis doubles weekend that benefits the American Cancer Association and raises awareness and money for the cancer fund. It was an honor to be a part of something so important, and to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Cancer affects so many people, and it's important that we do everything in our power to help in any way that we can to make cancer something of the past. 

The atmosphere was incredible! I was surrounded by the most interesting, and generous people. Las Vegas was the perfect setting for our awesome weekend of tennis! The weather was perfect beyond words. There clouds seemed to be sheer patches, barely visible in the painted blue sky. Not to mention the lack of humidity that allows for incredible hair days, day after day. Something I truly enjoyed after being in the extreme humidity that I am used to here in South Florida. 

So here are some "selfies" I took of myself as soon as I arrived to my hotel room in Las Vegas. I was so lucky to be able to share a room with a former college tennis team mate of mine that was also my best friend! It was a pleasure seeing her again and creating new memories, as well as laughing uncontrollable over some of the memories we had previously made together.  

 photo vegas20_zpsfa1ef466.jpg

 photo vegas9_zps2890aeb0.jpg

Our first night in Las vegas consisted of a player party at which the players mingled with event sponsors, donors, and met their doubles partners for the weekend. We got to enjoy the beautiful Queens Ridge Luxury condos just off the Vegas strip. The condos were unbelievable! It was spectacular to see the semi-precious stones that were artistically built into the flooring, and mosaic designs all over the building and within the units. The craftsmanship that was put into the detailing of these exquisite condos is beyond my wildest dreams. 

To this event I wore my new pink Three Floor "Mischief" dress that I purchased at DASH Miami just before my trip. If you follow me on Instagram you must be aware of my current Three Floor obsession. As soon as I laid my eyes on the Three Floor "Shades of Blue" dress I was locked down! I am in love with the intricate lace detailing, and nude illusion mesh outer lay of the dress. The styles also mold nicely to your figure and seem to really show off the waist, which is something that I am a huge fan of. 

Here are some photos from the first night in Vegas - at the players party. 

 photo vegas17_zps2e23000f.jpg

 photo vegas19_zps6a25fcf0.jpg

 photo vegas18_zpsa58b126c.jpg

 photo vegas14_zpsdb8f086c.jpg

 photo vegas16_zps7615ded1.jpg

 photo vegas7_zps15603889.jpg

 photo vegas21_zps200f5c10.jpg

 photo vegas2_zpsf3bfe67b.jpg

When morning arrived, it was time for tennis! No matter how tired we may have been from a late evening enjoying quality time with great people, we were all excited to get out to the courts and play! We got to play at the gorgeous Spanish Trails Country Club and enjoy their hospitality and we got full access to the club. 

 photo vegas6_zps3c5ae552.jpg

 photo vegas3_zpsf5edc1d5.jpg

After several hours of tennis, I treated myself to a bit of shopping on the Las Vegas strip. I headed to Caesar's Palace where I found myself at home at the Forum Shops.  I only had a few hours, but I made the best of them! I immediately veered into the direction of the Christian Louboutin boutique without even needing assistance. After trying on a few pairs and debating between a simple pair for an all occasion look, or a trendy style that may be seasonal or only for special occasions, I decided on a simple pair of nude patent pumps. 

 photo vegas22_zpsffd28e76.jpg

 photo vegas23_zps4df5a701.jpg

 photo vegas25_zpsac6840bf.jpg

 photo vegas26_zpse6d21381.jpg

Christian Louboutin "Fifi" 100mm nude patent pumps

 photo vegas24_zpsae4201b0.jpg

The following evening, some of the girls and I decided to head out and enjoy an evening out on the strip. We all decided on Marquee night club in the Cosmopolitan hotel, which has to be one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas. I love the "Chandelier" at the Cosmo, and couldn't help getting a photo opp. by the hanging crystal curtains. 

I wore my Parker sequin and beaded dress that my love, Jerrid, bought for me on my birthday at Intermix. I felt like a princess in this dress and I received countless compliments and questions about it that night. I can't wait to wear it again! I already have an occasion in mind!

 photo vegas27_zps4977e702.jpg

 photo vegas5_zps2afd801d.jpg

 photo vegas28_zpsf1a755af.jpg

 photo vegas31_zpsee0b6208.jpg

 photo vegas30_zpse1c947d2.jpg

I had a great time! This trip has definitely inspired me to be more involved in charity! The feeling can't be compared to anything! I also really would like to plan a trip to Vegas with Jerrid for once. I've been twice now, and both times have been without him. I want to share the sights and enjoy the moments with him. *Starts looking up flights*



  1. You look stunning with light hair! You are so lucky you can pull off dark and light locks!


    Kate :)


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