Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bandage Me Up - 2 of my favorites! has recently restocked their inventory with some fire! I am obsessed with their new line up of bandage dresses, especially this round neck bandage stunner! I really love this dress because it has a back zipper which prevents any fabric from bunching up and rolling around the sides. This dress is made out of that thick, "suck you in", flattering, bandage material, and you know I have to rave about the price! At $59.99, this dress is a great deal. 

I love the length! Being a tall girl, most bandage dresses ride up and become quite uncomfortable after a while, but this length is generous, comfortable, and flattering. It's not quite knee length on my 5'8'' stature, but still long enough for my satisfaction at mid thigh. The material is sturdy enough to stay at that length and not just stretch to this length and ride up over time. This is the length of the fabric.  On a shorter woman, this dress would be longer, possibly being knee length. 

I am photographed in this post wearing this dress in ivory, and if you scroll down you can see me wearing this dress in coral. I'm 5'8'' and wearing a size small which is a comfortable, tight fit on me. 

If you're interested in buying bandage dresses from HMS, go to and click on the dresses tab. You will find a large selection of beautiful bandage dresses! For these specific dresses that I have worn in this post, the link can be found below!

White round neck bandage dress - $59.99

Coral round neck bandage dress - $59.99

I found that the white dress was the perfect dress to wear with my brand new Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West "Cruel Summer" white heels! I am so excited to welcome these gorgeous shoes to my collection! I'm still in awe of their beauty and put them on at random times throughout the day and walk around the house in them. I was lucky enough to have found them! I had such a dilemma deciding whether I wanted these shoes in the white or the black, but settled on the white. I figured that I would get the black and gold Giuseppe Zanotti chain t-strap heels instead at some point in the near future since those stole my heart as well. 

 photo WhiteDress-1_zps0954d304.jpg

 photo WhiteDRess-2_zpsbdb46080.jpg

 photo WhiteDRess-5_zps947427b3.jpg

 photo WhiteDRess-4_zpsf1242cb8.jpg

 photo CoralBandageDress-1_zps676f661d.jpg

 photo CoralDress-2_zps1a159706.jpg

 photo CoraLdress-3_zps2ed58e44.jpg

Shoes worn with white dress - Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West

Shoes worn with coral dress - Aldo

Have a great rest of the weekend!



  1. I love these looks. I am on a journey to lose weight and sponsor a charity with every ten pounds I lose. I could see myself wearing something like this when I finally reach my goals. You look beautiful and I love your style.I have been following your blog for over a year, great inspirations.

  2. beautiful hair color!!!! I like it :) You look amazing.


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