Monday, July 29, 2013

Home Video - Beach Day

Is This Love from Katrina Lomidze on Vimeo.


"If it matters, it produces controversy"

Just a little fashion inspiration featuring this "Controversy - Madonna" tee that is available at  I love the ease of throwing on a tee and running out the door, looking put together in some chucks, and bangles. 

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Friday, July 26, 2013


 photo Makeup-3_zps76dd1e0f.jpg

I've dusted off some of my makeup that I haven;t used in quite some time. I got stuck in a quick and basic makeup routine for a while and really missed getting down and dirty with my makeup. I do feel a little rusty and to start off, I went with a look that I favor and have done before using gold and bronze shades. I lined my eyes, applied false lashes, and then lined the bottom of my eyelid to match the eyeshadow. I also tried a technique that I have not used in a long time, contouring. 

Products used:

  • No.9 Photo Fix Wrinkle Filler and Primer (Target - $19.99 - Highly recommend)
  • Revlon Colorstay Mousse Foundation - Natural Tan
  • Lorac "Bronze" Broner to contour cheekbones
  • Wet n' Wild Coloricon Bronzer - "Ticket To Brazil"
  • The Balm - Illuminator Power "Mary Lou Manizer"
  • MAC blush - "Spaced Out" from Neo Sci Fi Collection a few years back
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion applied to entire eyelid.
  • Bare Minerals glimmer shadow - "True Gold"
  • MAC Embark used to fill in outer V of eye.
  • Khroma Beauty - Khloe Kardazzle palette darker bronze shade used to blend outer V
  • Khroma Beauty - Khloe Kardazzle palette lighter gold used to blend entire eye.
  • Anastasia Brow Powder Duo - Medium Brown/Taupe
  • MAC Shroom used to highlight brow bone and emphasize eyebrow
  • Stila Kajal eyeliner - Onyx
  • Ardell false lashes - Wispies
  • MAC Lipliner - Stripdown
  • MAC Lipstick - Kinda Sexy
  • MAC Lipstick - Flamingo
  • MAC lipglass - Stay Sweet
I must recommend No.9 Photo Fix Wrinkle Filler and primer to anyone looking for an affordable primer and not willing to spend a lot of money. Smashbox was put on the map for their amazing line up of primers, but No.9, a Target brand owned by Boots, has captured everything that is necessary for a primer, for only $19.99! I'm a huge fan and have stocked up when I came across a Target that had more than one of them on the shelf. This is the first tool that I use on my face to prepare my skin for the foundation and give my face a dewy and glowy look, even when going for heavy coverage with my foundation.  

As far as foundation goes,  everyone seems so surprised when I say that I prefer drugstore brands such as Revlon to higher end brands. First of all, why spend so much for the same quality. Secondly, I find that some high end brands are very oily and break me out. This is my particular case, which may be completely the opposite for you. It is important to know your skin type and try multiple brands of foundation before buying. You never know how your skin may react to it. For high end lines, I like Armani Luminous Silk foundation, and YSL's line of light foundations, but keep in mind that these foundations give a medium to light coverage and can be a bit watery. Kat Von D has come out with a wonderful line of foundations for medium to heavy coverage. Don't turn your back on drug store brands just yet, give them a try and you may find your holy grail product! I have been very comfortable with Revlon foundations, but I am always on the hunt for others. The quest never ends!

Hopefully this look has been adequate! I plan to have many more coming up! I want to shake off this rustiness and be able to really beat my face in with some amazing makeup looks! I've been looking through some amazing inspiration, and can't wait to share!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Insta-outfits of the week

Hello there fashionistas!

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you notice the newly updated blog header, as well as my new look! I was so ready for a big change in my look, and the ombre inspired me to go lighter and lighter, until I finally became a beach blonde! If you follow me on Instagram this is old news to you. I've been a blondie now for about 2 weeks and I'm loving it! 

On Instagram, I find it super easy to update my follower on what I am wearing for my outfit of the day by putting together a tri-photo collage of images that I snap in the mirror with my iPhone. I wanted to share these photos for my blog readers who do no follow me on Instagram and may want to view these outfits, or for those of you that wish to find out where each specific item is from. 

I also plan on doing fitness posts as I have began a serious fitness plan and workout with Jerrid. He is a wealth of fitness knowledge and I can't wait to share my journey into a fit and healthy lifestyle with you! I am about 3 weeks in (gym 2 hours almost everyday, juicing, and eating healthy) and am beginning to see and feel results!

So back to the fashion...

Here are 5 of my favorite outfits from recently. (Description is below image)

 photo outfit-1_zps79ee5b1f.jpg

Who wears short shorts?! I do! I'm feeling great lately, due to my fitness routine, I find that my legs have much more tone and shape to them. I love wearing shorts and enjoying my summer in cute, beach ready attire! These high waisted acid wash denim shorts are from Hot Miami Styles, as well as this white spaghetti strap top. The shoes are from a brand called Soda (believe it or not!)

 photo outfit2_zps29552caa.jpg
I would have never imagined that I could be the girl to wear a crop bustier top out in public, but after working hard and seeing results in my abs, I'm confident and loving it! It's summer, it's hot out here in South Florida and this bustier top is too adorable to pass up! I got this top from Forever 21 in the Ciara's Top Picks section on the store about a month ago.  I paired this top with my JBrand white ankle length skinny jeans and Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West "Cruel Summer" high heel sandals. 

 photo outfit3_zps341b606c.jpg

I am obsessed with my Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West high heel sandals and find the to be the perfect shoes to pair with my white contrasted outfits such as this one. These tie dye skinny jeans are from Hot Miami Styles, as well as this white spaghetti strap top. I love how edgy and chic these jeans are, with a psychedelic print that is so trendy at the moment. 

 photo outfit5_zpsede1e9fe.jpg

Here is one of my favorite outfits that I have worn recently. This was an outfit that I wore to go shopping. The destroyed jeans are from Hot Miami Styles. I tight rolled them at the bottom to show a bit more of my shoes which I had just purchased during sale season over at Neiman Marcus. I'm loving my new Yves Saint Laurent "Tribtoo" pumps in a camel toned pebble leather. So gorgeous and casual. The top is from Forever 21

 photo outfit4_zpsce62de5f.jpg

This was an outfit that I wore on the Fourth of July. I love this festive outfit and how girly and adorable it is. The peplum top is perfection! The perfect stretch to the fabric, and a comfortable back zipper to prevent any fabric rolling or bunching up anywhere for a seamless fit. This peplum top is from Hot Miami Styles.  The red skinny ankle length jeans are by JBrand and I did eventually put shoes on, which were white wedges by a brand called Soda

Stay tuned for those fitness posts that I have in plan for you guys! 

I will also be hosting a giveaway sometime in the near future! (Possibly shoes?!)

Have a great week!


Bandage Me Up - 2 of my favorites! has recently restocked their inventory with some fire! I am obsessed with their new line up of bandage dresses, especially this round neck bandage stunner! I really love this dress because it has a back zipper which prevents any fabric from bunching up and rolling around the sides. This dress is made out of that thick, "suck you in", flattering, bandage material, and you know I have to rave about the price! At $59.99, this dress is a great deal. 

I love the length! Being a tall girl, most bandage dresses ride up and become quite uncomfortable after a while, but this length is generous, comfortable, and flattering. It's not quite knee length on my 5'8'' stature, but still long enough for my satisfaction at mid thigh. The material is sturdy enough to stay at that length and not just stretch to this length and ride up over time. This is the length of the fabric.  On a shorter woman, this dress would be longer, possibly being knee length. 

I am photographed in this post wearing this dress in ivory, and if you scroll down you can see me wearing this dress in coral. I'm 5'8'' and wearing a size small which is a comfortable, tight fit on me. 

If you're interested in buying bandage dresses from HMS, go to and click on the dresses tab. You will find a large selection of beautiful bandage dresses! For these specific dresses that I have worn in this post, the link can be found below!

White round neck bandage dress - $59.99

Coral round neck bandage dress - $59.99

I found that the white dress was the perfect dress to wear with my brand new Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West "Cruel Summer" white heels! I am so excited to welcome these gorgeous shoes to my collection! I'm still in awe of their beauty and put them on at random times throughout the day and walk around the house in them. I was lucky enough to have found them! I had such a dilemma deciding whether I wanted these shoes in the white or the black, but settled on the white. I figured that I would get the black and gold Giuseppe Zanotti chain t-strap heels instead at some point in the near future since those stole my heart as well. 

 photo WhiteDress-1_zps0954d304.jpg

 photo WhiteDRess-2_zpsbdb46080.jpg

 photo WhiteDRess-5_zps947427b3.jpg

 photo WhiteDRess-4_zpsf1242cb8.jpg

 photo CoralBandageDress-1_zps676f661d.jpg

 photo CoralDress-2_zps1a159706.jpg

 photo CoraLdress-3_zps2ed58e44.jpg

Shoes worn with white dress - Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West

Shoes worn with coral dress - Aldo

Have a great rest of the weekend!