Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Acid Washer & Blog Contest

 photo HIghWaist-8_zps18f3598e.jpg
Good afternoon fashionistas!

This summer has been a summer for trying new things! I have been making major lifestyle changes in my diet, and workout routine. I am trying to get into the best shape of my life and can already see results, thanks to Jerrid for training me and being a positive influence on me by joining in on the challenge with me.

I have been more confident with my body and have experimented with new styles of clothing that accentuate my figure and flatter my body. High waisted jeans and shorts are my new obsession and are super trendy right now! I love how flattering, flirty, and fun they are! High waisted jeans are awesome for nipping your waist in right at its smallest part. As a bonus, they also cut high enough that they won't dig into your sides — so no muffin top! Make sure you tuck your top in to really show off this shape or pair it with a crop top for a fun, summer look. 


 photo HMScontest_zps34e31791.jpg

I have some exciting news! 

Hot Miami Styles and I will be hosting a blog contest/giveaway in the very near future with not 1, but 3 winners!!!

To be the first to know, head over to my HMS blog at and follow me for the latest updates on my fashion looks, item details, and giveaway updates! 

 photo HighWaist-3_zps1091f2a6.jpg

 photo HIghWaist-4_zps617253ee.jpg

 photo HighWaist-2_zps147b1474.jpg

 photo HighWaist-1_zps056dd218.jpg

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  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I need these pants in my life! Thanks for sharing! :)


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!!

  2. This is a very new style.
    I love this pants!

  3. WOW yo have an amazing figure! I miss the gym I've injured my knee ;( But I cant wait to get back. You look stunning as always katz xxx

  4. Lol how do you walk around in public like that. No self respect or shame for your modesty or chastity

    1. I work hard for this body, don't hate :) hit the gym, you can do it too.

    2. That's just plain jealousy. You have an amazing body and don't be afraid to show it. One word to describe these pictures: HOT !

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  6. kat can u share ur workout regimen and ur diet chart?

  7. I wish I had that body and sense of style.
    Are you a supermodel?

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