Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunny Soiree

 photo HMSBlackOutfit-1_zps5a2d3d7c.jpg

I just have to rave about my latest Forever 21 purchase! It's not too often that I gawk at Forever 21 shoes, but when I do, you know they  have to be amazing! These Jeffrey Campbell "Soiree" look-a-likes from Forever 21 have stolen my heart and I am literally getting my stuff together at the moment to go back to the mall and grab them in white as well! The clear heel gives the shoe such a high fashion look and I am really loving the bucked ankle strap! I have a comparison photo towards the bottom of this post so you can see the similarities and differences between the F21 and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

In this outfit I am wearing all black everything, with the exception of the Hot Miami Styles chevron print clutch. Everything is basically from Hot Miami Styles. You can probably tell how obsessed I am with these jet black high waisted jeans. They are my go-to item and I can throw on any top and look nicely put together with a good pair of heels. Super simple, my favorite way to go. 

 photo HMSBLackOutfit-4_zpsaac2cf37.jpg

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 photo HMSBlackOutfit-2_zpsef5952f1.jpg

 photo HMSBLAckoutfit-5_zps6c6f6ca3.jpg

What I wore:
Shirt - Hot Miami Styles
Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Clutch - Hot Miami Styles
Black Swarovski ring - @DuskJewels
Shoes - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Valentino


Fashion Focus

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 photo F21shoes_zps045a4e11.jpg

 photo F21shoes-2_zpsfefde767.jpg



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