Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sheerly Studded

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Hello there!

I'm back with another repost from my blog over at I went for a new style with the tucked in shirt and the high waist pants and I loved the style, comfort, and sophistication of it. I found that this was the perfect outfit to wear my new Valentino's with and I probably looked like a hunchback walking around looking down at my shoes the entire time...I can't get over them!

The high waisted black jeans and the bib necklace are both from Hot Miami Styles. I'm not sure if they are in stock at the current moment, but I will be notifying, those that are interested, when and if they will be restocked. The top is from Ann Taylor and I'm wearing an undershirt from Forever 21. I'm not bold enough to do a sheer top with no undershirt. I also dusted off my Chloe bag and brought it out for a nice dinner date with Jerrid.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would come by Hot Miami Styles Blog and follow me. Let me know that you followed so I can follow back and stay in touch with you through both outlets. Obviously many more outfits from Hot Miami Styles make it to that blog. This one is more for beauty, lifestyle, fashion...and me!

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What I wore:
Top - Ann Taylor
Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Valentino
Necklace - Hot Miami Styles
Watch - Jerrid's Rolex
Bag - Chloe

I just have to add! I recently won the shoes that I have been lusting over for far too long! If you follow me on Instagram you must have already seen, as I haven't stopped talking about them! I finally found the Christian Louboutin Summerissima 140mm sandals on eBay from another amazing seller! This sale season I vow to be on it! No more waiting for all of my wish list items to be sold out nation wide!

 photo 201205161742084834_zps670b5f07.jpg

I have already imagined a ton of outfits to pair up with these shoes, starting with a white peplum dress and an outfit with red doesn't stop there. I'm waiting for them to arrive at my doorstep!



  1. Love love love this outfit!!! The top is beautiful

  2. Lovely outfit and blog! You are very pretty! Would you like to follow each other? Kisses!

  3. haha you are getting so many of the shoes i have! #greattaste ; ) you'll love these! I have them in the white and black as well - love both of them - so flattering! i usually dont wait to get them on sale because my size sells out so quickly : (

  4. lovely shoes!!! can't wait to see more pics!!!

  5. Love the shoes and bag!

  6. You are PERFECT, my love !!

  7. Beutiful lady!


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