Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hot Miami Styles - Destroyed Jeans

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I love trying new things and taking risks. These destroyed jeans from Hot Miami Styles were a must have for me. Ripped and destroyed jeans are so in for this spring and all of the "it" fashionistas are sporting this look, from Kim Kardashian to Lauren Conrad.

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I thought this would be the perfect outfit to wear my brand new pink Valentino bow pumps with. I call them my Barbie shoes! I'm in love with the super long skinny heel and gorgeous bright pink patent leather. It's all put together by a big bow on top! It's perfection!  I found these beauties on eBay from an amazing seller! 

I recently just picked up another gorgeous pair of shoes on eBay and I can't wait to show them to you all. A little hint; they're Christian Louboutins and they will be perfect for the "summer".  I'm thinking about making a post to help out girls who are on the hunt for finding designer shoes that they may have missed out on while still in stores. I've received a lot of questions about these Valentino's when I had posted them on my Instagram and maybe a blog post would be the perfect way to reach out and be a helping hand to any fashionistas out there that may need it, just as I have had friends reach out and help me. There is a whole negotiation process that can help fashionsitas obtain a reasonable price, and have a guilt free designer addiction. Okay maybe not guilt free, but definitely reduced calorie. 

You can get all the details to the clothing and necklace that I wore in this outfit at my Hot Miami Styles blog at  I have every item linked back to it's original page on the Hot Miami Styles website so you can purchase it for yourself if you like.

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What I wore:

Top - Hot Miami Styles
Necklace - Hot Miami Styles
Destroyed Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Watch - Rolex (Jerrid's)
Shoes - Valentino
Bag - Balenciaga

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