Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cherry Red

 photo Summerissima-1_zps3dc034d2.jpg

Hello there shoe lovers!

I am finally the owner of my very own pair of Christian Louboutin "Summerissima" 140 sandals! I have looked all over for these, calling countless Louboutin boutiques with no luck. I finally came across these beauties on eBay, with the help of my fellow blogger - AmyNicolaox.  I finally wore them out today for the first time after I had applied two coats of water and stain protectant on them and let them air dry. 

I paired my shoes with a simple outfit - just a simple red tee and my favorite jet black skinny jeans from Hot Miami Styles. I'm obsessed with my Summerissima's and can't believe how comfortable they are! I am so glad that I got them! 

My gorgeous gold and red cuff is designed and hang crafted by Susan Hanover, please do go check out her gorgeous line of jewelry that has been featured on celebrities such as Beyonce and featured in shows such as "Gossip Girl". I am a huge fan of her jewelry and am always left speechless while browsing her site -

 photo Summerissima-4_zps7946b911.jpg

 photo Summerissima-3_zpsf13a6a01.jpg

 photo Summerissima-2_zps82df72b3.jpg

What I wore:
Top - no name
Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Christian Louboutin Summerissima 140
Cuff - Susan Hanover
Bag - Chanel



  1. The shoes are perfection!

  2. The shoes are awesom e:X

  3. You look perfect ! Those Loubs are amazing !

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