Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunny Soiree

 photo HMSBlackOutfit-1_zps5a2d3d7c.jpg

I just have to rave about my latest Forever 21 purchase! It's not too often that I gawk at Forever 21 shoes, but when I do, you know they  have to be amazing! These Jeffrey Campbell "Soiree" look-a-likes from Forever 21 have stolen my heart and I am literally getting my stuff together at the moment to go back to the mall and grab them in white as well! The clear heel gives the shoe such a high fashion look and I am really loving the bucked ankle strap! I have a comparison photo towards the bottom of this post so you can see the similarities and differences between the F21 and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

In this outfit I am wearing all black everything, with the exception of the Hot Miami Styles chevron print clutch. Everything is basically from Hot Miami Styles. You can probably tell how obsessed I am with these jet black high waisted jeans. They are my go-to item and I can throw on any top and look nicely put together with a good pair of heels. Super simple, my favorite way to go. 

 photo HMSBLackOutfit-4_zpsaac2cf37.jpg

 photo HMSBlackoutfit-6_zps57c21d90.jpg

 photo HMSBLackoutfit-3_zps988105d0.jpg

 photo HMSBlackOutfit-2_zpsef5952f1.jpg

 photo HMSBLAckoutfit-5_zps6c6f6ca3.jpg

What I wore:
Shirt - Hot Miami Styles
Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Clutch - Hot Miami Styles
Black Swarovski ring - @DuskJewels
Shoes - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Valentino


Fashion Focus

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 photo F21shoes_zps045a4e11.jpg

 photo F21shoes-2_zpsfefde767.jpg


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cherry Red

 photo Summerissima-1_zps3dc034d2.jpg

Hello there shoe lovers!

I am finally the owner of my very own pair of Christian Louboutin "Summerissima" 140 sandals! I have looked all over for these, calling countless Louboutin boutiques with no luck. I finally came across these beauties on eBay, with the help of my fellow blogger - AmyNicolaox.  I finally wore them out today for the first time after I had applied two coats of water and stain protectant on them and let them air dry. 

I paired my shoes with a simple outfit - just a simple red tee and my favorite jet black skinny jeans from Hot Miami Styles. I'm obsessed with my Summerissima's and can't believe how comfortable they are! I am so glad that I got them! 

My gorgeous gold and red cuff is designed and hang crafted by Susan Hanover, please do go check out her gorgeous line of jewelry that has been featured on celebrities such as Beyonce and featured in shows such as "Gossip Girl". I am a huge fan of her jewelry and am always left speechless while browsing her site -

 photo Summerissima-4_zps7946b911.jpg

 photo Summerissima-3_zpsf13a6a01.jpg

 photo Summerissima-2_zps82df72b3.jpg

What I wore:
Top - no name
Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Christian Louboutin Summerissima 140
Cuff - Susan Hanover
Bag - Chanel


Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Fling

 photo HMSpinkdress-2_zps4d945bf6.jpg

Here is another repost from my Hot Miami Styles Fashion Blog featuring this adorable bright multi-colored wrap dress. I am really loving the gorgeous weather we have been blessed with down here in South Florida so I've been taking advantage of it by wearing my favorite spring pieces! 

Jerrid bought me a gorgeous bouquet of roses in my favorite color so I thought it would be the perfect day to wear a matching pink outfit. I paired my dress with my new pink big bow Valentino pumps and I felt like a spring princess!

I'm totally loving this dress and it's available for purchase at Hot Miami Styles for $89.99. I think this may be one of my selections for my Easter outfit. I still haven't decided what I will wear but this will be one of my options!

Check out my other fashion blog at

 photo HMSpinkdress-1_zps49ebca03.jpg

 photo HMSpinkdress-3_zps774d387e.jpg

 photo HMSpinkdress-6_zpsb8dafd63.jpg

 photo HMSpinkdress-5_zps4fd31884.jpg

What I'm wearing:
Dress - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Valentino
Clutch - Alexander Kalifano


Zoo Babies

 photo MiamiZoo-2013-3_zpsced472fb.jpg

Being that we are quite spontaneous, Jerrid, my friend Juliana, and the boys decided to hit up Zoo Miami since the last time we visited there was a year or so ago. We always have a blast at Zoo Miami and really enjoy our time riding around on the Safari Cylce. It's become something we just have to get as soon as our feet hit the zoo grounds. With Jerrid, the Safari Cycle is a breeze since he can pedal super fast and us ladies just sit back and relax, pedaling from time to time to get our "exercise" in. 

I love how happy our boys get on our family trips. It makes me the happiest mommy on Earth to see my little ray of sunshine happy as can be. We've booked our Spring Break vacation to Disney World and we will be heading there this coming weekend! We can't wait!

 photo MiamiZoo-2013-1_zps5f95a525.jpg

 photo MiamiZoo-2013-2_zps75eb9df8.jpg

 photo MiamiZoo-2013-4_zps3132a93b.jpg


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sheerly Studded

 photo HMSBlackPants-1_zps4876ab65.jpg

Hello there!

I'm back with another repost from my blog over at I went for a new style with the tucked in shirt and the high waist pants and I loved the style, comfort, and sophistication of it. I found that this was the perfect outfit to wear my new Valentino's with and I probably looked like a hunchback walking around looking down at my shoes the entire time...I can't get over them!

The high waisted black jeans and the bib necklace are both from Hot Miami Styles. I'm not sure if they are in stock at the current moment, but I will be notifying, those that are interested, when and if they will be restocked. The top is from Ann Taylor and I'm wearing an undershirt from Forever 21. I'm not bold enough to do a sheer top with no undershirt. I also dusted off my Chloe bag and brought it out for a nice dinner date with Jerrid.

I would really appreciate it if you guys would come by Hot Miami Styles Blog and follow me. Let me know that you followed so I can follow back and stay in touch with you through both outlets. Obviously many more outfits from Hot Miami Styles make it to that blog. This one is more for beauty, lifestyle, fashion...and me!

 photo HMSBlackPants-3_zps61784a39.jpg

 photo HMSblackpants-4_zps402f1722.jpg

 photo HMSBlackPants-2_zpsa2db5a88.jpg

What I wore:
Top - Ann Taylor
Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Valentino
Necklace - Hot Miami Styles
Watch - Jerrid's Rolex
Bag - Chloe

I just have to add! I recently won the shoes that I have been lusting over for far too long! If you follow me on Instagram you must have already seen, as I haven't stopped talking about them! I finally found the Christian Louboutin Summerissima 140mm sandals on eBay from another amazing seller! This sale season I vow to be on it! No more waiting for all of my wish list items to be sold out nation wide!

 photo 201205161742084834_zps670b5f07.jpg

I have already imagined a ton of outfits to pair up with these shoes, starting with a white peplum dress and an outfit with red doesn't stop there. I'm waiting for them to arrive at my doorstep!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hot Miami Styles - Destroyed Jeans

 photo HMSDestroyedJeans-3_zps08a1a797.jpg

I love trying new things and taking risks. These destroyed jeans from Hot Miami Styles were a must have for me. Ripped and destroyed jeans are so in for this spring and all of the "it" fashionistas are sporting this look, from Kim Kardashian to Lauren Conrad.

 photo rippedjeans-celebstyle_zps46691ae1.jpg

 photo KKdestroyedjeans_zpseaafa8e9.jpg

I thought this would be the perfect outfit to wear my brand new pink Valentino bow pumps with. I call them my Barbie shoes! I'm in love with the super long skinny heel and gorgeous bright pink patent leather. It's all put together by a big bow on top! It's perfection!  I found these beauties on eBay from an amazing seller! 

I recently just picked up another gorgeous pair of shoes on eBay and I can't wait to show them to you all. A little hint; they're Christian Louboutins and they will be perfect for the "summer".  I'm thinking about making a post to help out girls who are on the hunt for finding designer shoes that they may have missed out on while still in stores. I've received a lot of questions about these Valentino's when I had posted them on my Instagram and maybe a blog post would be the perfect way to reach out and be a helping hand to any fashionistas out there that may need it, just as I have had friends reach out and help me. There is a whole negotiation process that can help fashionsitas obtain a reasonable price, and have a guilt free designer addiction. Okay maybe not guilt free, but definitely reduced calorie. 

You can get all the details to the clothing and necklace that I wore in this outfit at my Hot Miami Styles blog at  I have every item linked back to it's original page on the Hot Miami Styles website so you can purchase it for yourself if you like.

 photo HMSDestroyedJeans-5_zps7c21a124.jpg

 photo HMSDestroyedJeans-4_zps71d4ad71.jpg

 photo HMSDestroyedJeans-1_zps93f64496.jpg

 photo Valentino-1_zps61597b66.jpg

What I wore:

Top - Hot Miami Styles
Necklace - Hot Miami Styles
Destroyed Jeans - Hot Miami Styles
Watch - Rolex (Jerrid's)
Shoes - Valentino
Bag - Balenciaga

Check out my Hot Miami Styles Blog!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Naughty Monkey Summer Preview Party

 photo NaughtyMonkeyEvent-6_zpsc857f036.jpg
Hello fellow shoe obsessors! 
Here are some photos from the Naughty Monkey summer preview party! If you didn't know, this past Monday, Dany, a fellow blogger, and I hosted the Naughty Monkey summer preview party down in Miami Beach.  My friends and I had a blast checking out the new lineup that is going to be coming out for Naughty Monkey. I can't wait for you to get to see the shoes! Get ready for lots of bling, color, and studs! I already have a list that reaches down to the floor of shoes that I must add to my collection! You can stay updated with new styles that launch at
Earlier that day, my friends helped me do a little makeover for my hair. I was ready for a change and wanted to go for a slight ombre, with some highlights around my bangs. I am absolutely obsessed with the results. It was just the change that I needed and I was so proud to show off my new hair at the preview party! 
I wore a cute lacey black peplum dress to the event. My dress was from Hot Miami Styles and only costs $42.99! I felt very comfortable, elegant, and ready for fun. If you're interested in this dress you can check it out on the Hot Miami Styles website by CLICKING HERE.

 photo NaughtyMonkeyEvent-5_zpsa39881ae.jpg
Check out our Naughty Monkey shoes!
These gorgeous shoes will be available for the spring/summer season.

 photo DSC_0328_zpsb7c1ed8e.jpg

A big thank you to The Baking Girl for her delicious sweet treats!

 photo DSC_0323_zps05aee936.jpg

 photo NaughtyMonkeyEvent-1_zps813a310a.jpg
Adding shoes to my list of "must haves".

 photo NaughtyMonkeyEvent-2_zps6289a4ef.jpg

 photo NaughtyMonkeyEvent-3_zps39f925a2.jpg

 photo naughtymonkeyevent-4_zps42119b87.jpg
Jerrid and I at the event!
I can't wait to share the amazing Naughty Monkey 
SS13 shoes with you when they are released!!!