Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peachy Goodness

 photo HMSCoralDress-1_zps77158780.jpg

“Experts in ancient Greek culture say that people back then didn't see their thoughts as belonging to them. When ancient Greeks had a thought, it occurred to them as a god or goddess giving an order. Apollo was telling them to be brave. Athena was telling them to fall in love."
- Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby

I am absolutely head over heels in love with this goddess inspired maxi dress from Hot Miami Styles. On the website the belt is described to be silver, but I would say that it is more of a pale muted gold which I think is actually better than just silver since it can be styled with, and pass for silver or gold. I love how long the belt is! When you wrap it around yourself and cinch your waist you create a metal coil like appearance, it's just perfect!

I blogged about this outfit on the Hot Miami Styles Blog, so if you're interested in buying this dress, which is priced at $44.99, CLICK HERE to be directed to the post which will list all of the individual item links for you. 

I recently bought a new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. The style came out close to a year ago, but I was lucky enough to find a brand new pair and I can't wait to reveal them to you on my blog with some high resolution photos! 

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 photo HMScoraldress-5_zps3308b3a8.jpg

 photo HMScoraldress-6_zps8b99cf8c.jpg

 photo HMScoraldress-7_zps51cffa9a.jpg

 photo HMScoraldress-4_zpsea2062e2.jpg

This photos gives you a good example of the color of the belt. 
Totally true to color. (Belt is included with the dress)

What I am wearing:
Dress - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Hot Miami Styles
Necklace and earrings - Hot Miami Styles
Cuff and bangles - Susan Hanover Designs
Golden disk bracelet - INPINK.com

Check out my post on this outfit at www.HotMiamiStylesBlog.com!



  1. Beautiful outfit! :)


  2. love all the pieces of this outfit! the dress, the shoes , the necklace, the belt ! AMAZING!

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  3. You make me want to purchase the entire website of hotmiamistyle.com !


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