Monday, January 28, 2013

Swarovski Crystal AB iPhone 5 case

 photo REMcase-6_zpsbaeeef55.jpg

Good evening my friends!

To know me is to know of my love for anything that "blings". With my recent upgrade to the iPhone 5, I was no longer able to find use of my Swarovski crystal light rose AB case made by the wonderful Claudia over at, so I contacted her in order to get the ball rolling on a custom initial Swarovski case for my new phone. I am a frequent customer of Claudia's and refuse to go anywhere else as I trust her service and quality. 

Claudia informed me of the recent upgrade that Swarovski made to their flatback crystals. The original 2028 crystals were upgraded to a longer, pointier version with larger facets to enhance sparkle. I did some research on it and found some awesome information at I got some screenshots of their visual of the differences between the older model (2028) and the new upgraded flatback model (2058). 

Here is a timeline of the modifications that the flatback crystal has gone through over the years. 

 photo flatbakcsinfo-1-1_zps6a763250.jpg

Screenshot and resource credit to

 photo newcrystals-2-1_zps68633515.jpg

I must say, I was excited about the changes and knew I was in for a treat! Claudia didn't disappoint! My case is remarkable! It's flawless and with the custom initial K, the crystal arrangement follows the curves of the K and comes out in a gorgeous strass. I am so excited to show off my case!

Photos taken by me.

 photo REMcase-1_zps97b61dd9.jpg

iPhone 5 case featured with Alexander Kalifano crystal AB clutch purchased from 
The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 photo REMcase-3_zps0d836e2a.jpg

 photo REMcase-2_zpsd109a59f.jpg

 photo REMcase-5_zps5e0df8aa.jpg

Side by side of my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 cases. 
Both beautiful!


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I received my first REM Crystals purchase of iPhone 4 Light Rose AB case - CLICK HERE.

If you would like to order your own REM Crystals case - CLICK HERE.
Or contact Claudia at or

She takes custom orders!



  1. This is a good case, but isn't it harder to put in the pocket? I mean I like it and I would like to have it very much but it will worry me if I have put my iPhone in my back pants pocket.



    1. I don't find any difference with comfort when input it in my back pocket. I will say that I am more aware and careful with my phone, but thats an overall good thing. I'm very particular about my things so regardless, I try to always keep my phone secured and in a safe place.

  2. This is such a beautiful case ! I love the bag as well ! so PRETTY and SPARKLY my two favorite things !! lol

  3. Such a gorgeous case!! I gave tried to email Claudia a few times with no response. I was hoping to purchase my own case. Does usually take a long time to get back to you? Thanks!!

    Btw I love your blog!! You have a beautiful family!! Xo

  4. Beautiful Case, das sieht richtig schön aus.

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