Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our trip to Magic Kingdom - Disney World 2012

Here are some photos from our Disney World vacation so far. We've been here for 2 days and have another 2 days left! We plan to hit up Animal Kingdom tomorrow!

We had a blast at Magic Kingdom. We rode on all the rides multiple times. I definitely recommend the Fast Pass when you go. It makes your trip there so much easier. You can ride on the small quick rides while waiting for your time on the major attractions to come up. Super convenient!

We ate until our bellies ached, rode on a magic carpet, flew with Peter Pan, travelled all around the world (it's a small world after all), flew with an elephant, explored a haunted mansion, bumped and bounced with Tigger in a honey pot, crash landed with Goofy, and this is only to name a few! Disney World is truly the land where all of your fantasies come true. Just watching the magic come alive in my son's eyes made every breath that I take sweeter.

We can't wait to make more magical memories tomorrow!

A ferry transports you from the parking area to the Magic Kingdom park entrance.

J.J. can't wait!
His excitement was building as the castle got bigger and bigger during our ferry ride across the lake.

Wow! What a sight!


Meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie!

Mad hat tea party! Spin, spin, spin!

Zooming down the Speedway...

Yum yum!

Check out my focus on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Classic family photo.
I was getting those points!

J.J. met Buzz Lightyear! He couldn't even contain himself.

Absolutely amazing. 
I got quite teary eyed during this performance. 
The message of dreams and wishes coming true if you believe gets me every time. 
It's so true and it's something important to believe in, and builds the belief in oneself to create the life that they wish for.

Hope you've had a magical day!



  1. JJ is getting so big and handsome... looks like so much fun even for the adults too.

  2. Beautiful pictures JJ is so Big now what an handsome little guy :)

  3. Beautiful pictures & family! You all look like you had a wonderful time - the wishes firework display with the music always gets me every time with the tears, glad i'm not the only one :)

  4. Great pictures Katrina! These remind me of my childhood when we visited Disney World in Florida!

  5. Wow, your son resembles his dad loads!! He must be proud of his boy! I love that pic of 'Mad hat tea party'.. Pure love when your child is sparkling of joy like that! I have two sons myself and I melt inside when they laugh so!

    Bless you and mwaahs! S.

  6. omg your pictures are amazing! What camera and lens did you use?!!! I live in FL and go to Disney alot with my 2 year old! But your pictures just bring the memories to life! Please let me know what camera you used! Thank you!

  7. Wow it looks you've been having an amazing time at Disney World. I would love to visit that place one of these days, but until then I have Disneyland to go to :)

  8. this post made me happy for u guys.thanks for sharing the're a one lovely and happy family :)

  9. i m so jealous !!! :( :D I want me too there !!! Mickey and Minnie the best !!! ;))) beautiful pics !!! :) Lovely family !! :)

  10. You are absolutely stunning and have a great family, i love your blog!!!

  11. Love the pic of you , Jerrid and JJ and Mickey & Minnie. Most adorable pic ever ! beautiful family. Your son looks so much like you in the picture where you're on the dumbo ride together ! TOO FREAKING CUTE !!! Looks like you guys had a blasty blast , lol !

  12. how adorable!!!!!!!! enjoy ur family time and keep up the goodwork on the blog!

  13. this is adorable! best wishes xx


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