Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 3 at Disney World - Animal Kingdom

Here are some more photos from our trip to Disney World, specifically from our third day there, when we visited Animal Kingdom.  J.J. would wake Jerrid and I up by jumping on our bed and screaming in excitement to go back to Disney World.

Animal Kingdom was so much fun. We shopped, ate, went on a safari ride, and learned so many cool facts about animals. J.J. loved spotting some of the amazing wild animals we saw on the safari ride such as the giraffe and the elephant. There was even an adorable baby elephant!

When at Animal Kingdom it is a must to check out the Finding Nemo musical and the celebration of the Lion King show. Such beautiful presentations that we enjoyed so much.

I put together a scrapbook for J.J. of all of the photos from our trip to Disney World. He loves it and has been asking to look through it and read it with me before he goes to sleep every night. He can't wait until we go back to Disney World. I can't either!

A family that kicks it together, 
stays together.

Just Goofin' around...

The celebration of The Lion King!



  1. Wish I could comment on each photo individually lol. JJ is just the cutest ! Like the caption "Just goofing around" with Goofy lol !

  2. This might just be the cutest post I have ever laid my eyes on. You, your family and your blog are all so adorable. So precious. I really am just so happy I stumbled upon it. You are doing a wonderful job love. Oh and your Gorgeous too!
    I would really be so incredible, if you could check out my latest post!

  3. Adorable family<3


  4. Awwe we were there last year sane places! Isn't it fun!!! I love your posts! You inspire me!

  5. Awesome pictures! So cute and funny! I also plan to go with my family soon to Disney World. Hope to have a great time. :) Thank you for the nice share.


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