Sunday, March 25, 2012


I've decided to live a healthier lifestyle, so Jerrid and I bought some rollerblades for ourselves. I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram you've seen my millions of photos I've snapped while rollerblading with our friends. These rollerblades have been the best investment in my fitness because they're so fun to use and they leave my legs feeling like I got a great workout in. I already see some muscle definition begin to form in my legs! 

After our rollerblading session Jerrid and I headed to the mall to do some quick shopping and then grab some food from our favorite Mexican spot in Boca, Las Fajitas. I could never get tired of that place.  I didn't wear any makeup. It was a nice and relaxing evening. I wore a simple outfit that I picked up from the H&M store at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace when I was in Las Vegas. Speaking of which, I still need to post the photos from my Vegas trip with the girls.  

I wore my new Chanel sunglasses, which I am obsessed with and my brand new Zeyzani gold detail leather pumps.  These shoes are so comfortable and stylish, I just love them! Zeyzani is a new company created by a Zeynep Yurderi, a gorgeous Turkish shoe designer. Her shoe line consists of hand stitched embroidery on various styles of shoes. Each shoe is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. I love her line! Check her collections out on the website at

What I wore:
Shirt, belt, jeans : H&M / Chanel sunglasses / Coach bag / Zeyzani shoes



  1. You look super HOT!! Luv the whole look!!!

  2. I love the simplicity of your outfits! It always looks great, although I believe that has a lot to do with your amazing figure! *jelly*

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    1. Katrina,

      Thank you for choosing Zeyzani to showcase your beautiful outfit! I loved how you carried the Zeyzani Cream Leather/Gold Embroidery Pumps! They look great on you!

      Much love from ZEYZANI,

  4. Wow - are those gold embroidered shoes??? Looking great!

  5. You look so good !! I love it all outfit !!

    Marina ,

  6. grea ensemble, super hot shoes!

  7. Hot Hot Hot! I love your outfit and I love the detail on those shoes!! I checked the shoes out "Zeyzani" - they are pretty well-known, huh? I had not heard of them before you, so thank you for introducing us to Zeyzani, just ordered my pair of those Blue pumps they have on their site! So excited!!!!!

  8. a total chick look ...and has something from kim kardashian

  9. you look so much like kim kardashian

  10. Awesome outfits! Bet your
    roller blades are really cute too!


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