Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visiting Santa

Today I took J.J. to Outdoor World, which is a sportsmens shopping plaza with multiple fishing, sporting goods, and boating stores such as Bass Pro Shops. Every year Bass Pro Shops allows children to get a free photo taken with their Santa.  The process is very organized and the wait is not bad at all.  You pick up an appointment card with the time of your photo session with Santa, and you shop around until it's your time to line up and wait. There are about 10-15 people with the same time as you so your wait is never too long. 

Bass Pro Shops has some of the best toys that I've seen. I picked up a few things for J.J. that he had showed interest for, such as the truck and boat toy set, later on that same day when I dropped him off with grandma for a few hours. The prices were guilt free and the toys are so intricate and finely detailed. I know J.J. will be one happy camper on Christmas morning. 

Making sure Santa's sleigh is ready for the big day!

Santa : And what would you like for Christmas little boy?
J.J. : TOYS!!!



  1. Nice photos!

  2. when i see him i think gosh he's grown! i remember when you where preggers. can u believe he'll soon be a teenager etc, well that's a while away but it seems so fast

  3. he's so cute,serioulsy:)


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