Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have all had a fun and safe Halloween! J.J.'s Halloween was jam packed with treats, and costume craziness.  Our day started out at J.J.'s school where a Halloween party took place. J.J. had so much fun with all of his friends and teachers. 

Later on we headed over to the mall and walked around with some of the other trick-or-treaters in costumes. To finish off the night we frolicked around our neighborhood and went door to door to grab some treats from the neighbors. J.J. had such a good time! 



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

Yesterday I dragged Jerrid along with me to Pier 1, one of my favorite home accent stores.  I wanted to buy some autumn accents for the dining and living rooms. I instantly fell in love with the mirrored vanity and stool set in the Hayworth Collection. Jerrid thought it would be the perfect motivation for me to start filming my YouTube videos again, so he bought it for me. I had no place to film my videos before, and now I will have a comfortable and well lit area in the guest bedroom by the window to film! The vanity is beautiful! Heavy...but beautiful! 

I have yet to actually put it into place since some furniture will need to be moved around in the room first, but when it is finished, I can't wait to show you all how it looks! The photo I have uploaded is from the Pier 1 website, so the stool looks rather small in comparison to the vanity, when in actuality it is perfectly sized to slide under the vanity and allow someone to sit in comfort.  I may upgrade to one of the upholstered chairs later on, since there was one that I was very attracted to, but for now, I'm very happy with the mirrored stool. 

In return for Jerrid coming along with me to Pier 1 and spoiling me, I tagged along with him to the gym. So all evens out in the end...and now I have extreme pain in my knee. No more stair master for longer than 25 minutes. 


Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Hoe-Down

Every year Jerrid and I take JJ to the local Halloween Hoe-Down in our community.  He has such a good time every year, and its enjoyable to us to watch him appreciate it more and more as he gets older. This year JJ picked out his own costume. He wanted to be Buzz Lightyear with wings that light up. He loved being Buzz and would wear his costume around the house while he watched Toy Story. 

At the Hoe-Down JJ got to play in the pumpkin patch. He had more fun jumping around in the hay than he did actually looking for a pumpkin.  It ended up being a very hot and humid night, very uncomfortable for the children with long sleeve costumes...and for my hair!

It was another wonderful year at the hoe-down! I want to thank the city for putting on such a wonderful event every year for us to enjoy as a family.

Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Game Time

The nearby University recently built and established an expensive project towards their football program.  The project took many months and finally was opened for the first home game of the football season with a brand new multi-million dollar stadium. Jerrid and I joined a good friend, who is basically family, to attend the first home game of the season for her University football team. Marlene and I grew up together playing tennis and now she plays for the FAU team, so I had to show support!  Go OWLS! 

The game didn't go so well for the Owls, but theres always next time! We had a great time at the game admiring the new stadium and grabbing some snacks.  It would be unusual for me to miss out on concessions at sporting events. 


Retro Red

J.J. is a little tricycle pro! My big boy was such a little speedster at school on the tricycles that it was time for us to buy him his own. We went for a classic Radio Flyer with rubber wheels which would make for a smoother ride. Our little guy loves his tricycle! 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stripe Hype

I am filled with so much excitement as my birthday gets near.  I can't wait to spend time with the ones that I love! October is always a fun month for me, with the change of the weather to a breezier warmth, and so much to do for the Halloween festivities.  I took some photos today before Jerrid and I headed to dinner. We had a great time. It's nice to put life on hold and get in tune with your loved ones after a busy week. 

Vintage dress / Ralph Lauren shoes / Balenciaga bag

Makeup: Sedona Lace 88 Warm Palette


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes - Halloween Set #1

Glamour Doll Eyes, a popular eyeshadow pigment company founded by Vanessa (an eyeshadow pigment enthusiast) has sent me their brand new Halloween pigment set #1 to showcase.  The Halloween sets have been released yesterday on October 1st, 2011 for purchase. The pigments are reasonably priced at $5 for a full jar and $2.50 for sample size. You can find them along with many other pigment shades and varieties to choose from on the Glamour Doll Eyes website at -  

SET #1

Cadaver: a medium to dark purple with green sparkle.
Approved for: eyes, face, and nails.

October 30th: a creamy yellow with orange hue and silver sparkle when blended out. This color was inspired by Candy Corn since October 30th is National Candy Corn Day. 
Approved for: eyes,lips, face, and nails. 

Graveyard Shift: a gorgeous black with silver and purple sparkle. For best results, tap this into the lid or use with a mixing medium. 
Approved for: eyes, lips, face, and nails.

Flesh Eater: a muted almost matte green with purple sparkle. 
Approved for: eyes, face, and nails.

From left to right: Cadaver / October 30th / Flesh Eater / Graveyard Shift

I used all 4 colors for a look. It was very easy to blend the colors and they came out very pigmented and bright. The jars contain a generous amount of product and it was easy to apply without making a mess.  There is no messy sifter atop the jars which makes for easy application, and easy clean up. 

I applied my foundation, dotted on some blush and got started on the eyes. I used Flesh Eater for the inner corner of my eye, Cadaver for the outer V and along the crease, October 30th to highlight, and Graveyard shift to line the lower lash line.  I lined my last line with my L.A. Colors black eyeliner, applied mascara and called it a day. For my lips I used Lorac Baby Doll lipstick. Super easy and quick!

Disclaimer: Product was sent courtesy of the company for consideration.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wham Bam...

...thank ya ma'am.

There's something about October that awakens and excites me! Besides the fact that its my birth month, and the weather is a little less humid, October is filled with vibes of change, and renewal.  The leaves don't turn here in South Florida and I do wish to see the change of season this year.  It may be time for a trip up north. 

I was sent a sexy pair of Naughty Monkey pumps; the "Wham Bam" leopard print open toe pumps. The shoes are really cute and comfortable! I feel like I can walk in them all night.  That's not something you hear everyday about a pair of 4 inch heels. 

About Naught Monkey:
Naughty Monkey is a fresh fun shoe collection that originated in California and has everyone clamoring for the monkey from coast to coast.  The naughty monkey, whose identity shall remain nameless, heard constant gripes and complaints about how mundane and boring footwear had become.  In his monkey mind came the devastating first designs of a brand that would leave a lasting impression on fashion and how fun it could be.  The evolution of naughty monkey to this day continues on the same maddening quest to bring the opposite of boring to fashion and can only be appreciated by those who have a little of the naughty monkey inside of them.
I love Naughty Monkey shoes. If you'd like to check them out, here are some sites that sell Naughty Monkey shoes : / /


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What I'm wearing:
H&M dress / Ann Taylor belt / Hobo International clutch / Naughty Monkey shoes


Disclaimer: Shoes were sent complimentary of the company.