Saturday, September 24, 2011

Misikko Review - Hana Flat Iron

I was sent a complimentary Hana flat iron hair straightener for a review from, a site that I have worked with in the past for a review of the Hana Shine Shield hair serum. Misikko is a great site for hair necessities and has never disappointed when its come to service.  The customer service staff are very friendly and the products are quality goods. 

The product I was sent was a Hana 1" flat iron.  It's great for styling all hair types.  The flat iron is neatly packaged in a tin container, and a carry pouch for travel.  It's very convenient for travel since the iron is much thinner than the everyday flat iron that I use which is a thick body 3" flat iron which works great for my very thick hair. 

The Hana flat iron works very well, but I found it to take me a bit longer to straighten my hair than usual, in comparison to me using my 3" Helen of Troy flat iron.  I do love the fact that I have plenty of styling options when it comes to the thinner model flat iron. I could do loose curls easily without having to twist my hair up in a barrel iron and waiting.  I have yet to try this style technique out, but will do so in the near future. The 1" Hana iron was very convenient for styling my fringe since it easily fit all the way up to my roots for more volume. offers many amazing quality brand name products for a fraction of the cost that you may find at other establishments. I would give them a try if your in need for some hot tools. 

The Hana flat iron I was sent is the standard 1" flat iron. 
It's originally $149.99. but you get it for $71.99 at!

Happy hair days!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brush me away

Just writing a quick post to list the items that I had used to create the following look. It's a very simple look I went for using my Urban Decay NAKED palette, which has been a palette that I have been reaching for quite often lately.  It's very easy to put together a 5 minute look using the NAKED palette or the Sedona Lace 88 Warm palette, which is another palette that I use frequently.

I had recently come across a great find. L.A. Colors, a cheap drugstore makeup line, carries a wonderful eyeliner which I came across by chance and have been choosing over my other eyeliners, such as NARS, Urban Decay, Stila, etc. The eyeliner is dark, goes on smoothly, and stays put, not to's super cheap! If I remember correctly, I think I paid $2 for 2 eyeliners and a sharpener in one package! I will be posting about this eyeliner with a full review within the next couple of days. 

Makeup Used:

Yves Rocher facial moisturizer
Maybelline Mousse Foundation - Classic Tan

MAC blush - "Peechykeen"

Urban Decay NAKED palette - 
        - "Smog" used on entire lid.
        - "Sidecar" used directly above lid to blend.
        - "Naked" and "Sin" used as highlight.
L.A. Colors eyeliner - Black
Avon mascara - Black

MAC Lipstick - "Hue"


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sedona Lace Vortex Brush Kit

Sedona Lace recently revealed their new product lineup, and among this new lineup is their game changing brush set designed exclusively by blogger and makeup artist Renelyn of I was lucky enough to have been sent the brush set and I am loving it! 

The 12 piece brush set contains every brush necessary for a complete look, along with a cute brush belt for professional makeup artists, or just for the comfort of having all your brushes within easy reach.  The brush belt contains many more slots for extra brushes you may have for easy storage and carry. The belt is adjustable for all sizes. 

From the website:
The Vortex Collection exclusively designed by Renelyn Monteloyola of Makeup by Ren Ren for Sedona Lace. This pro line of brushes takes makeup application and technique to the next level. All of the brushes are multi-purpose and versatile and includes a brush belt to help store the brushes and keep them within easy reach.
About the brush belt:
Having a brush belt on a gig keeps you organized and professional looking.  Use the brush belt at home for storage and easy access.  The upgraded material is smooth, durable and easy to clean. With this belt, you can store dozens of brushes with room to grow.
Tip:  When traveling, fold the belt together with brushes on the inside and then wrap the straps around the belt.  Place in a baggie and your brushes will stay protected and won’t fall out of place.
The brushes are soft, dense, and carry color nicely from the palette to your skin.  For $79.99, you're getting great deal, especially when you think about the quality that you get for the price. My favorite brushes are the fan brush, flat top buffer, and universal blender. The fan brush is perfect for everything! I easily brush away fall out from under my eyes and dab on any setting powder.  The flat top buffer makes my foundation look airbrush perfect and the universal blender is perfect for blending my eyeshadow for sultry smokey eyes with all shades. Ren did an awesome job with the brush set! 

Learn more about the brush set and each individual brush and its 
uses here at the Sedona Lace Vortex brush set website

Remember to use code 
 to get $4 off your entire purchase!