Monday, August 1, 2011

First of the Month

Today was all about family and fun. I've wanted to take JJ to the Miami Seaquarium for the longest, and today was the perfect day to go.  The Weather Channel predicted rain, but I knew that it was going to be a perfectly sunny day, I felt it in my gut. I was right. 

Here are some photos from the Miami Seaquarium and the beach we went to afterwards. The day was gorgeous and JJ had so much fun. It was a perfect day...a perfect way to start the month!

Miami Seaquarium

JJ see. JJ do.

Key Biscayne Beach

Afterwards, we headed out towards on the beach on Key Biscayne to run around in the low tide.  It was so beautiful! The water was warm and the waves were gentle.  JJ had so much fun!

Today was perfect.



  1. aww...such a nice weather! JJ is so cute! love the sea lion-fountain-JJs-wet pic haha! while here it's raining cats and dogs nyar! lol :D thanks for sharing the pics.they're beautfiul~

  2. JJ looks like he had a blast! He's growing up so so fast!

  3. Is this you son? He is as beautiful as you!!
    He seems to have the same age of mine (2 years)!!

  4. I love your photos. Is it still the same lens 18-105 on Nikon D90?

  5. Your son is such a handsome kiddo. Gorgeous and bright photos. It made me want to go out and explore. Amazing camera btw.

  6. I love your baby, is a handsome total, that smile is adorable, how old are you?? my baby is 3 and is equal to your baby ....
    divine images ...
    beautiful kisses

  7. so adorable!!! You must be one proud mama!

  8. He is so cute^^
    I have a 2 year old too ^_^
    check out my blog if you can:)



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