Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photo to glass

Photography has truly opened a doorway into another realm for me.  I have met some of the most creative, determined, and passionate people and made some amazing friends along the way.  I recently met Daniel Gaddi, a professional photographer with a lot of work under his belt.  He is the sweetest guy with a heart full of kindness and a passion for his work. He couldn't even call it work, since he loves doing what he does so much.

Daniel runs a creative business that has taken over by storm.  His Photo2Glass creations have been a big hit! His patent is a burning technique which burns images onto the back of a special piece of glass, that lasts a lifetime without fading. Daniel was kind enough to use some of my photos and turn them into a Photo2Glass masterpiece! I LOVE them! Photo2Glass offers many different options of glass size, shape, and decoration, even making your photos into ornaments, like the one Daniel made of JJ and I!

Daniel, thank you so much!

For more information on how you can get your own images on glass, check out:



  1. I will check them out! love the pictures.

  2. could you do some more make up looks. thanks.x


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