Thursday, June 16, 2011


Just a quick outfit post...

I brought out my favorite Michael Antonio espadrille wedges today to match with my turquoise romper from Forever 21.  I have these wedges in the silver/turquoise and the gold/gold, they are so comfortable and stylish, I had to have them in both colors.

I'm working on a post featuring JJ's top 20 favorite children's apps on the iPad.  I have searched high and low through the App store and I think I found a great variety of fun, educational, and attention grasping apps for children ages 1 - 3, so hopefully some of you mamas find this upcoming post useful!

Tomorrow Jerrid and I are heading off to spend the weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina paid for by ViSalus Sciences to attend and be a part of the ViSalus Convention, with special guest, Hulk Hogan!  I'll be taking tons of photos!



  1. You look great! Those wedges are so hot!

  2. This divine dress, but what more I fall in love, are the shoes are beautiful and the color, my favorite ..
    thousand kisses beautiful!

  3. Hi why didn't you post any winter outfits? You were gone all winter. Do you only like showing off your summer outfits?

  4. I did have winter outfits up babe! Im not a big fan of winter, but I did have winter outfit posts up. Summer is just easier for me...I like hot, and I enjoy being out in the sun. Winter and cold makes me want to sleep all day lol.

    Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. Yay for the kids apps blog post! can't wait!
    Ps. I need those shoes in my life!
    ILuvCosmetics (twitter)

  6. OMG you just look like Kim Kardashian !
    You're so pretty!

  7. What are the name of these wedges?? I love them but I can't find them anywhere

    1. you can find these wedges on ebay. heres the link. good luck

  8. The combination overalls and sandals - a luxury! You - well done! Very nice!

  9. You can find that they are so comfortable and stylish, I had to have them in both colors.

  10. I've been looking for those wedges for such a long time, checked the brand and nothing :(. Do they have a style number or name .
    Thanks your blog is awesome :D

  11. hi rimahalw , you can find these wedges on ebay. here the link. good luck

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