Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Blue You Do

It was a nice day, some overcast clouds with the sun occasionally peeking out.  We headed out to grab some lunch.  I threw on my navy blue romper, a recent purchase from Forever 21, and paired it up with my Michael Antonio wedges which I am obsessed with. There is nothing like a pair of hot shoes that are also very comfortable to walk in.  I grabbed a bag that I bought from Target a few days ago to match with the shoes that I have been buying. Tan is in for the summer, and I'm loading up! The outfit came out to be cute and affordable! Double whammy!

Romper : Forever 21
Shoes : Michael Antonio
Necklace : Forever 21
Bag : Target



  1. Wow Katrina I love how the dark blue compliments your hair color so well! Lovess!! Plus the accessories are the perfect touch!Gorgeous as always dear :)

    xVanessita (from

  2. I love that you love rompers.. I like the other one you're wearing a few posts down. Great make up too, sweets.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. You look gawjus!!!
    How tall are you if you don't mind me asking

  4. Your Summer themed blog layout is awesome! I love it! :D

  5. Love the outfit Katrina!

    And the new blog layout is AMAZING! Please don't change it back :)

  6. Cute & simple! I wanted that same bag from Target. :)

  7. blue and tan is the deal!
    they compliment each other very well!
    i so so soo love your hair!

  8. Very pretty hun! that blue color really suits you!

  9. Love your blog layout!
    Love the whole outfit, gorgeous!

  10. so nice ! ! !
    love it.
    check out my blog*

    xoxo sugarkanke,

  11. hey I'm in Miami too! maybe I'll see you around...

  12. so Pretty... Katrina i have a private question. I would like to email you to ask you.

    my email is


  13. Katrina you are pretty as always.. love the outfit

  14. This is a great idea that I grabbed a bag that I bought from Target a few days ago to match with the shoes that I have been buying.


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