Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Flowers

April showers brought May flowers, and May flowers bring sundresses, sandals, and lots of fun in the sun!  The days have seriously heated up here in South Florida, so jeans are out of the question! I have been on a sundress binge, buying every single one that comes into my line of vision.  I find them best at keeping me cool during these "feels like summer" days.  

Sundresses are so easy to put together into a fashionable, yet simple and sophisticated outfit. Be careful not to over accessorize, something you may find that I pretty much stay away from. I synched my waist with a braided leather belt and called it a day. 

The dress and shoes are both from Wet Seal, two new things I picked up using my SWAGG gift card on my iPhone! It's so simple and easy to use, and I don't have to dig through my entire house to find a gift card that I may have misplaced over time. 

The dress is a chiffon feather print synched waist sundress with a black inner lining.  It's very comfortable, flowy, and made of a light material.  The shoes are bronze braided faux leather t-strap sandals. I am very particular when it comes to t-strap sandals.  I dislike all of the extra straps, flaps, and heels backings that some t-strap sandals come with.  I'm simple when it comes to t-straps, and I prefer a simple design to them.  You would think it would be easy to find a simple pair, but its not.  I was surprised to see that Wet Seal had a nice selection to choose from. 

Dress & shoes - Wet Seal
Bag - Balenciaga
Belt - Vintage

For my makeup I used my Sedona Lace 88 warm palette.  The perfect palette for everyday makeup.  The colors of the dress inspired me to do a bronze look.  I went for a neutral look that was simple and day time appropriate. 

My makeup:

Yves Rocher Inocitol facial lotion
YSL Tient Resist - #7

MAC blush - Gingerly

Sedona Lace 88 Warm Palette
  • I3 along entire lid and to outline lower lash line
  • J3 middle of lid and inner V
  • K7 along crease and outer V
  • H1 to highlight

NARS cream eyeliner - Black Moon
CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara - black

MAC lipstick - Semi-Annual
NYX lipgloss - Perfect



  1. BEAUTFIUL!!!! I love that dress, and you look so gorgeous!!!


  2. I love the outfit and the makeup. very beautiful and classy!

  3. wow omg wetseal! i had to reread. Ive not been able to find anything in charlotte russe or wetseal in ages, it no longer fits me :/ but f21 still works.

  4. Thank you ladies!

    @Bombchelle, yeah girl. I was surprised!!

  5. gorgeous! Thank print is hot!

  6. You look absolutely beautuful!Love the dress!

  7. Oh wow! I seriously need to step inside Wet Seal more often! I love that purse too! It's been on a wishlist forever lol

  8. Love that dress girlie! You look gorgeous!

  9. I LOVE that dress!! You looks so pretty! :)


  10. you look adorable! the dress is super cute but i like the belt the most! and btw your make up is perfect as always! Great post! You inspire me to go outside and start taking pictures again!lol



  11. That dress is seriously gorg! You look beautiful hun!

  12. I have a shirt like that! I love peacock designs.. peacocks themselves are just so beautiful. This dress flows so beautifully! Absolutely Laaaaveee


  13. beautifulll babe i love love that dress on you you look fabulous xx

  14. that dress is soooo pretty

    www.vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com x

  15. love your outfit and makeup! your so pretty!

  16. very gorgeous woman you are.

  17. All of my flowers blew away bc of the stupid storms and tornadoes :(

  18. The dress was very pretty! Wet Seal used to be my store of choice before we had Forever21 at our mall; once Forever21 came around I havent been into Wet Seal since. Judging by this dress, I think I'll have to visit an old fave!

  19. i heart your dress and eye make up <3



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