Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hooked on a feelin'

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you're sitting on a beach, listening to the crashing waves, and gradually watching the water get darker as the sun goes down behind you.  

We went to Deerfield Beach, a hot spot for photographers because of the gorgeous rocks along the shore.  We could have sat there for hours watching the waves crash onto the rocks. 

I wore a Lilly Pulitzer dress for our beach stroll.  The perfect designer for a Florida gal. 

Always remember to enjoy the simple things in life.
Get hooked on a feelin'.



  1. JJ is growing up so fast! I love that you live in Florida. I'd love to visit someday. :D

  2. @DSK Steph- that is the same thing i was going to say.
    katrina-you look like a verry proud mommy.lovely family you got :D

  3. Gorgeous photos, love that last pic.

  4. you have suchh nicee skinn :) you should do a post where you talk about skin care and stuff :)

    Rebecca xo

  5. Looks so serene and tranquil x


  6. The last pic is super cute & so is your dress!


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