Friday, May 20, 2011

The Boy of Spring

Just sharing some updated photos of my little man.  It brings tears of joy to my eyes to see my little baby turn into a very smart, active, and independent young boy.  He has certainly come into his own, and has a keen little sense of humor.  My boy makes me so proud!

I found an adorable shirt and shoe combo at Old Navy for a very reasonable price, and wanted to share some photos.  I always find the cutest clothes for him at Old Navy for the best prices!

Just in time for baseball season, 
JJ is practicing his swing with daddy.

I hope you are enjoying spring!



  1. awwww.... such a cutie!! :)look at those expressive eyes..

    reminds me of my brother when he's so little..

  2. he is adorable!!!

  3. Mashalla gorgeous boy :) He's a credit to you... :)

  4. He's way too cute!! He can model for Old Navy lol

  5. Awww hes soo cutee :)

    Rebecca xo

  6. he is too cute! btw i googled your named so that i could get to your blog & i came across a picture with you with blond hair?? idk if it was you & that you played tennis.


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