Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ankit "Naughty Teddy" Headphones with G-Bass

The personal audio advancing industry is one of the hottest markets right now, but with so many types of earphones to choose from, and such a wide pricing range, it's not easy to find the perfect earphones that satisfy your wallet as well as your ears.  These days, advanced headphones can cost a consumer hundreds of dollars! As a techie geek, I was intrigued by those advanced headphones with clear audio and bass, but I was not about to pay so much money for a pair. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference you hear. It's as if those headphones allow you to experience music the way it was intended to be heard. You feel like you're missing out on something once you go back to those stock headphones that came along with the iPod. Besides the lack in audio functionality...they look so boring!

I first heard about Ankit headphones through a fellow blogger and good friend of mine, Neha Uberoi.  Her and I  basically grew up together, playing tennis in the hot sun on a daily basis. I trust Neha and when she raved about Ankit headphones on her blog, I raised both eyebrows. She went into such detail about how her Ankit headphones blew her away when compared to her 2 other pairs of headphones, which cost her a pretty penny. Check out her blog and product reviews at!

Ankit headphones go beyond where other headphone companies stop short...not only are they concerned about audio, they are also aesthetically pleasing!  These headphones are not only a necessity, they are also an accessory!  The bud design is metal and painted with acrylic.  They are placed sturdily onto the headphone bud so you can rest assured that they won't be coming off.  These metal decorations also act as inlays that shield from outside disturbances, so they are not all play!

I was sent the "Naughty Teddy" ear buds for review and my first thought...I'm obsessed!

What's in the box:
  • 1 pair of Ankit Naughty Teddy headphones
  • 1 tie baggie earphone pouch
  • 5 pairs of different sized silicon tips (1 pair already installed on the ear buds, the other 4 found in the tie pouch)
Ankit headphones come neatly packaged in a sturdy tear drop shaped box.  Everything you may wish to know about the product is organized and laid out on the front and back of the box so you don't have any paper to fidget with.  I liked this concept since it saves paper, and makes the box look very interesting!

As soon as you open the box you have full access to your headphones! After pulling them out of the box, still attached to their thin cardboard place holder, you will find a small tie baggie. The baggie contains 4 different sized silicon ear tips so you can have a personalized fit. Ankit claims that the best bass is achieved when you have the perfect silicon tip for your ear installed on your ear buds. You get 5 silicon tips all together, one pair comes already installed on the headphone devices, and the other four pairs come in the tie baggie.  The baggie also doubles as a headphone pouch for a unique way to store them!

Sound quality:

The sound quality of the headphones is outstanding.  I can certainly recognize a huge difference in clarity, deepness, richness in sound, and bump of the bass.  Music that faded from one ear to the other was perfectly heard. The silicon ear tips are comfortable even after a lengthy amount of time (30 minutes). 

Ankit headphones use G-Bass technology in every pair, which produces a rich, deep, and clear sound, and this isn't just a one liner they're pulling on their customers...these headphones BUMP! I am very impressed with Ankit headphones!


Ankit headphones have just been reduced to $29.99 from $49.99!

These headphones certainly reintroduced me to music.  I couldn't even tell you how long it's been since I put some music on my iPhone or iPod and had been excited to listen to it.  Those iPhone/iPod headphones, and any other headphones that I tried in the $20-$50 price range weren't cutting it, and music just seemed bland and something I could wait to listen to in the car. I wouldn't even play any music while going for walks or to the gym. It was pretty serious. 

Not only am I excited to listen to my music now, but always I'm excited to rock these adorable teddy bear ear buds! I get countless compliments and curious eyes who end up asking me where they can get their hands on a pair. I am thrilled with this product and would certainly recommend them! 

Ankit offers 4 different styles to choose from! 

Something for everyone!

Grab your pair at
and listen to your music in a whole new way!

Use my coupon code, "K-LO" and get 20% off your purchase!


Disclaimer: Product featured in this post has been sent complimentary of the company for consideration.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

Today was a beautiful day that was spent with the ones I love.  
There is nothing better!  

The Easter Bunny paid JJ a visit and dropped off a basket filled with goodies!

JJ had a blast finding Easter eggs during the egg hunt!

It was a gorgeous but scorching hot day in Sunny South Florida today.  I went bare faced and decided to wear a cute coral sundress by American Eagle Outfitters.  I wore the dress with beaded wedges by Colin Stuart.  It was the perfect outfit to wear while we hung around outside in sun.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Springtime Romance

Today was a day from a dream.  Jerrid and I walked along the beach, hand in hand, talking and enjoying the view.  The ocean breeze was perfect to keep us cool in the heat of the sun, and the gorgeous twinkling waves amused us during the moments when we sat silently in each others arms. 

My makeup

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Facial Primer
YSL Tient Resist #7

MAC blush "Bite of an Apple"

UD "Smog" eyeshadow
UD "Snatch" eyeshadow
UD "Suspect" eyeshadow
UD eyeliner "Zero"
CoverGirl Colossal Lash mascara in Black

MAC lipstick "Fleshpot"
Milani lipgloss "Glitz and Glam"

What I wore:

2 tank tops, both from H&M
Skirt from H&M
Sandals from Zara
Coach bag

Wishing you all a wonderful Good Friday!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Bells

Jerrid and I packed our bags, got JJ ready and headed off to Ohio to join the family for the wedding of Jerrid's cousin Kelli! The wedding was at the beautiful Columbus Athenaeum.  This was the first wedding that I had ever attended, and it was such a special day!  Just witnessing the pure joy and pride on everyones' faces made me realize how much a wedding can really touch everyones lives, not just those of the bride and groom.  

It was so nice to see Jerrid in his element back home with his childhood friends and finally get to see his family members again, who have become family to me as well.  Those are always the moments that count the most, the ones spent with loved ones!

I didn't snap any photos at the wedding ceremony, I didnt want to interrupt the video recording sessions with random flicks of flash, but I took plenty of photos at the reception. 

I wore a sapphire blue Sue Wong dress with beautiful intricate hand sewn detailing and beads, Michael Antonio black patent leather strappy sandals, and a black leather HoBo clutch.   Jerrid and JJ both matched my blue dress bye wearing blue ties.  I really wish we could have snapped a photo all together, but JJ was not having it. There was too much going on!

Jerrid's little cousins, Zoe and Jada.

Dancefloor action!

We wish the bride and groom many blessings in their happily ever after!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rose Gold is all the "Rage"

I have been on a mission to find the perfect rose gold watch.  Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs to name a couple, have designed some of the hottest watches this spring, all in the gorgeous, and super popular rose gold.  

In the midst of the rose gold obsession, nothing seemed more fitting than to paint my nails rose gold!  I found a beautiful nail varnish by ORLY called "Rage", which is a metallic from the Foil FX collection.  It can still be found at many Sally's Beauty Supply Stores, which is where I got mine from. 

Rage passes by as rose gold, but there are hints of silver shimmer in the mix.  It is the most popular color out of the three that came in the Foil FX collection, and there is no question as to why.  It's gorgeous, and a color I could look at all day! Certainly one of my favorite polishes that I have seen in a while!

Above : without flash
Below : with flash.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing in makeup

I've been meaning to blog about this for the longest.  I found out about an Inglot store at the Aventura Mall down in Miami from a fiend of mine, (@LaReinaDeFL, follow her and her blog, she's wonderful!).  I headed down here and discovered this gorgeous store, so neatly put together, with makeup from wall to wall.  Such a futuristic glam feel as soon as your inside!

Inglot cosmetics may be new to some of us in the U.S., but it has been a very successful and popular cosmetics line around Europe for a while.  The pricing is so reasonable, cheaper than MAC, and the quality of the products is great.  The loose pigments looks gorgeous, in some shades that I have never seen before. They also carry very affordable eyeshadow or blush quads for under $50 in all colors that you can imagine. Their shades of blushes especially caught my attention since they all seemed to be such flattering shades of peach, pinks, and beige.  I can't wait to go back and get more goodies!

I picked up a lipgloss that would be a crime to pass up on.  Inglot has a line of AMC holographic lipglosses.  They look so cool, and worth a try, priced at $15.

Inglot AMC lip gloss - #546

I couldn't get a great swatch of it, since you need perfect lighting to be able to get the rainbow in the shine, but you can certainly see it when you swipe the doe foot applicator onto your lips.  As for really being visible while applied, I wouldn't say it's an obvious sheen, but it has a very nice juicy appearance and does tone down the lipstick that you wear underneath it. 

I choose color #546, which was the neutral shade, no color tint to it.  These glosses do come tinted in pink, orange, yellow, blue, and so on. 

It may not do so much color wise, but it feels so smooth and soft on the lips and has a very pleasant scent.  I would recommend this product to any lipgloss enthusiast since it is pretty to look at, feels nice in the lips, and if enough is applied, you will get a nice holographic lip in the sunlight. 

* * * * *

It's still so memorable to me to have finally met Robyn of!  We've been internet buddies for so long, ever since I can remember starting my blog!  She's such a thoughtful person, and she showed it again as she gifted me with so many goodies from Annabelle cosmetics at the fashion show we attended. 

Annabelle is a cosmetics line that Robyn works with based out of Canada. Everything looked so pretty! Thank you again robyn for spoiling me with all these goodies!

These lipglosses have got to be some of my favorite.  Good thing she gave me plenty to last me a while (some where not photographed) because I will need them!  The color is a baby pink with a slight lavender pearl.  A gorgeous and fun color for the summer!  It brightens up the face as soon as its applied, lasts a long time, and is not sticky!  I will have a swatch up with a makeup look that I will be uploading sometime this week, so look out for that!

Goodies for my peepers! I can't wait to try these fun eyeshadow colors, they look so pretty paired up together!  The eyeliners are right up my alley! I love neutral shades and wearing neutral shades such as these on your waterline to widen and brighten the eyes, is one of the hottest things this spring!  

Make sure you check out Annabelle cosmetics on their website!

* * * * *

I needed a new scent for the summer, and I always feel like scents with a citrus hint are the best for those hot sunny days.  I was a huge fan of Moschino's I Love Love when it came out a few years back, and a similar scent has been on the market released by Dolce and Gabbana - Light Blue.  I picked it up and haven't put it down since. It smells wonderful!