Sunday, February 27, 2011

Permanent Way

It felt great to snap some photos during a weekend stroll with Jerrid.  I have to make a habit of bringing my camera along for every trip that we make out of the old times.  All photos taken with 50mm F1.4.

Clothing - Button up and cargo pants from Old Navy.  
Makeup - Sedona Lace 88 metals palette, mascara and  MAC lip conditioner - "Feelin Good"



  1. Gorgeous! The photos & the person. :)

  2. Love the first photo. The top is really cute too.

  3. You are so pretty! I love your style.

  4. u look stunning!

  5. I know I always tell you how beautiful you are :) the photos are amazing! I love how you dress ...its VERY sophisticated. Ohhh and your hair is to die for ;) xox Jenn!

  6. wonderful pictures, and lovely blog. I must admit that guys inspire me way more than some girls! It's so simple, but yet so many tiny details which makes it subtle. :)

  7. really great photos! i just bought a lip conditioner on Saturday in Close for Comfort and think it's truly amazing!

  8. I love your top!!!!! <3

  9. Katrina,

    For starters, thank you for getting me hooked in the blogger community, I'm almost done switching everything over and building new content and a better community, it feels like I'm starting from scratch (with a better understanding of the web) but I'm loving it!

    Now onto the your post!

    Images are looking splexy!! That's my word for Super-Sexy! Yip I give you the right to start using it haha!

    I'm looking at the images and I'm like ahhh my big sister is a Nikon girl! I love it! :D

    That 50mm F1.4 is a sick lens, I was shooting with it a couple days ago here in Bahamas. Yip I'm still in the Bahamas until mid week or so!

    Walks are awesome! Especially photo walks! I hope everything is great with you and Jerrid!

    I have a surprise to tell you...shhhhh :)

    P.S. (It's really not that exciting haha)

    DT. Tha Hustla
    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

  10. Love your outfit. You are so pretty!

  11. lovely pics !!!

    i just got a new DSLR and I have a habit of leaving it at home too.. do you bring it in a case? put it in your purse? or just strap it around your neck?

  12. Beautiful as always! <3

  13. So pretty!!! Train tracks scare me. I think its b/c growing up as a New Yorker, I always think of the 3rd rail and that I will get zapped to death if I touch a the train tracks!

    I love those pants but Old Navy doesn't like my booty and they always do this weird gap thing, so annoying


  14. Gorgeous! I love the leo print! ...and the train tracks! So pretty! Is it just me or are you getting skinnier? ;)

  15. I love the whole outfit and I love it even more knowing it's from old navy. I would never think to look there for clothes. You just gave me a new place to shop !

  16. I love loove this post, I love scenic photography I love the shirt and bottoms you've worn ;) thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures really inspiring ;)

  17. Lovely Pics... Amazing hair you have....


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