Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hautelook: UD Overload

My Hautelook orders finally came in the mail. After so much worrying and complaining about how long the shipping process took, I was over it as soon as I opened the door and saw the boxes.

If you missed out, Hautelook hosted an Urban Decay sale in which everything was $2, including brushes.  The selection of items wasn't sensational, but very typical, for a $2 sale.  It seemed like a clearance more than a stupendous blow out customer appreciation sale.  Most of the item were the lower sellers of the line, such as pigments, 2 matte shadows, and their Big Fatty colored mascaras.

I ended up checking out with 18 items in my cart, 4 liners, 10 pigments, 2 matte shadows, and 2 Big fatty mascaras, in both Flipside and Black Cherry, but was surprised to find that only the Flipside mascara was sent to me and I was refunded for Black Cherry.  I guess a miscalculation of inventory left them without any to send to me, but I don't mind. I found the Big Fatty Flipside mascara to be rather dried out. At the end of the day, I have 17 items in tow, and I'm very happy with them.

For $2, it didn't hurt to try. So I grabbed a hold of whatever I could, totally missing out on the brushes.

All items came in their own plastic Urban Decay case, except for the liners and the mascara, which came in paper boxes.

The Pigments

As with any pigments, you have to be careful with the packaging because it can get messy.  Urban Decay went a little step ahead and built a brush into the screw top of the pigment jar.  A handy little tool which makes traveling with one of these much easier.

All pigments should be applied with care and precision to prevent fallout, and there are methods of under eye fallout prevention, such as powder, tape, or just using a towel to catch the fallout before it touches your skin.

I haven't tried these pigment for a look yet, I intend to in the near future, but overall, I like the color payoff, and for $2...I just had to have them.


X - a melon gold shade, similar to MAC Melon pigment.  The color has a metallic golden sheen.

Asphyxia - a pink pigment with specks of iridescent violet, blue, and fuchsia sheen.

Shattered - a bright aque blue with metallic shimmer, and frosty tones.

Graffiti - a bright green, leaning a bit towards a dark lime green. 

Gunmetal - a gunmetal dark grey with a frosty finish.

Shag - a light bronze with a metallic finish.

Goddess - a black base with blue and violet shimmer.

Rockstar - a dark purple with violet, black, and silver shimmer.

Protest - a dark evergreen with specks of silver shimmer.

Yeyo - a frosty white with silver glitter.

Smoke Out Pencils

The smoke out pencils come with in a double sides pencil. One side sharpened exposing the color liner, and the other side equipped with a smudge tip. These are perfect for colored smokey eyes.  These glide on nicely, but are not similar to the glide on 24/7 liners, they are matte, and smokey.

Mary Jane - a muted midnight bue. 

Maui Wowie - khaki tan

Purple haze - a muted purple

Green Goddess - an intense camouflage green.

Matte Eyeshadow

Chronic - a bright near matte grassy green with a tiny hint of shimmer.

Narcotic - a bright matte turquoise blue.

Big Fatty Mascara - Flipside

This is the one thing I kind of regret buying. As much as I want to experiment with crazy looks, this mascara seems dry.  I'll give it a shot for a look, but while trying to swatch it, the color was just flaking off and not staying where it should.  

Overall: I'm happy with my Hautelook order! The shipping did take a bit of time, but I don't mind, especially for such great deals.  

If you are not a Hautelook member and would like to join the site and indulge in the outrageous sales, CLICK HERE and join! 



  1. Amazing haul! Goddess and Rockstar look gorgeous!

  2. love love love! yeyo and shag pigments have not tried the rest yet! the pencils were a bit harsh tho for the price its fantastic! <3

  3. I grabbed more lipglosses than necessary on the sale, I am waiting to get home this weekend to check out my purchases too! Thanks for the heads up on them refunding your money for whatever they ran out of, good to know!

    Can't wait to see the looks you do with everything!

    Btw, my coworker and your son look exactly alike! I showed her a pic and we both died! Such cuties!

  4. the packaging looks so gorge i'm not even paying that much attention to the colours...but if I do say, my faves are Green Goddess and Maui Wowie <3

  5. the two black based pigments are my favorites! i don't know why i didn't pick anything up, i feel like the first one to check sample sales eve-ryyy-dayyy, i think i felt like i had shopped too much for xmas, lol.
    super duper haul (minus the mascara incident)!

  6. I got the mascaras too. what a disappointment I think they sent out defective dried out products! Pyrotechnic one was also bad. However I did love the pigments. Great photos by the way.

  7. I am loving that Rockstar pigment. It's beautiful!

  8. can u do some looks

  9. What an awesome haul! I wish I knew how to work with pigments. I always end up making a huge mess, regardless of how careful I am!

    Have you tried Glamour Doll Eyes pigments? They're unbelievably pretty and very pigmented!


  10. I picked up some of the same stuff or already owned them through previous sales.. I really like most of the pigments. I end up tapping the brush off into a clean pigment lid and using my own brush to apply. Works much better for me.

    And for the smoke-out liners, if you get them wet first they will apply MUCH easier!!! I'm glad I had read that online somewhere, makes such a huge difference.

    My mascara was also a little dried out but I used it in a look where I had put regular mascara on my lower lashes first and then put that on top for a pop of color, looked awesome!!

    I heart UD!!


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