Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want > Need

It's the season for caring, sharing, giving, and opening your hearts to others, but deep down inside, most of us women will still find some extra cash to spend on ourselves! With the outburst of seasonal sales, online discount codes and releases of special edition items in the beauty's hard to keep our wallets closed. Luckily for us makeup fiends, it's not too hard to stay under budget and leave a sale satisfied without overspending.

Here is a list of the things that have been on my wish list...a couple of things that I will be picking up within the next few weeks.

Urban Decay Ammo Palette - $36 
(Sold at - Sephora,, ULTA)

This palette is one of Urban Decay's best selling palettes. I don't know why it's taken me so long to decide to get it, I knew I've wanted it since trying a friend of mine's while visiting Jerrid's family in Ohio, during the month of September. 

The colors are very practical, and a great value for your buck.  Urban Decay eyeshadows go for around $17 a pop, and this palette features 10 shades at $36, which is a deal!  "Smog", and "Sin" are featured in my new NAKED palette, and those are two colors which I wouldn't mind have doubles of...since there are two of my favorites.  "Mildew", "Oil Slick", "Maui Wowie", and "Chopper" are the four that I drool over in this palette, and having them my stash is a must!  

I have really been digging the palette frenzy, since they're so easily stored, take us less space and make packing a lot easier for travel...just pop one palette in your makeup bag and you're good to go for the longevity of your trip.  Urban Decay palettes are relatively small, in comparison to palettes such as the 88 or 120 palettes, so stuffing them in your purse for on the go touch ups is no biggie.

Of course, on the other hand, Urban Decay does have their big mama palettes, such as the new UD NY palette.

Urban Decay NY Palette - $54
(Sold at -Sephora,, Macy's, ULTA)

It's another palette I have on my wishlist,  just to make it easier for Jerrid to know what to get me in case I buy one or the other, on my own, before Christmas. *wink*

The UD NY palette features 2 shadows featured in the Ammo palette (Smog & Maui Wowie)  and 1 shadow that is featured in the NAKED palette (Smog).  Other than those shades, it does feature some of UD's popular shadows such as "Midnight Cowboy Rides Again", "Money", and "Uzi" amongst its 16 shadow collabo. 

If you're a huge Urban Decay fanatic, this is the palette for you.  Along with it's glorified light up pop up display packaging, it tags along a mini sized primer potion, and 2 liners (Zero & Ransom). I think for $54, this palette is a pretty big bang for your buck.  Palettes and collections such as this make great gifts during the holidays, and usually come with nice value prices. 

Looking to spoil yourself with some color liners? Staying on the subject of Urban Decay cosmetics, they recently launched their press releases and a preview sale for their 15th Anniversary jumbo 24/7 liner set, which packs a punch with 15 liners, features some new shades, including "Perversion", which is labeled as the seasons blackest and most matte eyeliner.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they make this a permanent shade, but until then I'm saving $92 to be able to grab  myself a set of the 15th Anniversary 24/7 liner set when they are released for sale to the public on in January of 2011.  The product will be released for retail in stores only in February. 

$92 is quite a lot of money to spend on cosmetics, unless of course it's something you may really find it hard to live without, but in the mean time...or while I think about it...I've been looking into NYX jumbo eye liner pencils, and for such a low price, they are a great buy! Each of the NYX jumbo eyeliner pencils retails for around $3.50 and from looking at swatches online, I may indulge in getting a few.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - $3.50
(Sold at -,, ULTA)

The color selection is vast, and for the price of one Urban Decay eyeliner (which retails for around $17) you can bring home 4 NYX jumbo pencils. Guilt free shopping, with incredible payoff!  NYX is a wonderful cosmetics line which is looked past for its low prices, but should not be forgotten.  Their low prices have not stopped them from creating quality goods that satisfy even the pickiest of makeup junkies. Looking to save a few bucks this season, but still sport the hottest trends and colors, check out NYX cosmetics!

For the price aware shopper, Sedona Lace cosmetics is another line that pleases the buyer without leaving a hold in your wallet.  The company sells palettes stacked with 15, 28, 42, 88, and even 120 eyeshadows colors for your to choose from! On my wish list, the 88 warm palette, an item that Sedona Lace has had trouble keeping in stock because of the huge demand for it. 

Sedona Lace 
88 Warm Palette - $19.95
(Sold at -

The Warm palette is a palette for the neutral lover...such as myself. It's jam packed with perfect colors for everyday wear, colors that nobody can have enough of, and at a price of $19.95, its a steal.  I am addicted to my 88 metals palette, and I can't wait to add this one to my arsenal. 

*If you do choose to spoil yourself, or someone you know with Sedona Lace goodies, remember to use my promo code at checkout, which is; KatrinaLomidze, to get $3 off your entire purchase.

So with that said, what is on your beauty wish list?


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  1. Uuuh, great choices! I've been thinking about getting the Warm Palette too. Also the Urban Decay eyeliners seem like a great pick!!


  2. I need to make a wishlist too.
    It really is true, it's hard to keep out wallets closed.
    to save some money check out they have discounted NYX.

    Great post!

  3. Great post :-), I need to get my hands one an UD palette as soon as possible!

  4. that warm palette at the bottom looks kind of amazing. I haven't bought makeup in a while ...I think I may just have to!

  5. I love pallettes, they are great value and you get to experiment with so many colors. The Naked pallette will be on my list.

  6. Love Urban Decay ! I asked Santa some of their deluxe e/s...Hopefully he heard me lol

  7. those are great choices! I'd love to get any of these items too!

  8. urban decay liners are thee best <3
    im hoping to get the too faced soft & naked palette and some YSL lipsticks for xmas!

  9. i definitely need some new pencils.

    and my friend just got me a bh cosmetics pallet. i love it. its just as good as mac.

  10. oh I just order the warm palette thanks for your promo code and the link!! I can't wait to get it!!


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