Sunday, November 28, 2010


Finally! I stepped foot into a Sephora that wasn't completely bare from wall to wall, or so thats what they all looked like to me if I would notice a bare Urban Decay NAKED palette rack.  Nothing else seemed to appeal to me, no spark to even look around and find anything was all about this palette and nothing else.

For the budgeting consumer, you will be relieved to know that there are great dupes out for some of the shades in this palette, (and that will be talked about with photos in a future post) but for some of us, we don't care.  We need to feed our bare naked hunger, with this array of the most perfect colors for everyday wear.

Urban Decay hit the jackpot with the release of this palette, and where they still have trouble meeting demand, the demand has yet to cease.  They have us by the gape of our necks and we love it.  It's a must have, and the velvet packaging and elegant simplistic design of the box is intriguing.  Very posh and sophisticated, and quite different than most of what is released from Urban Decay. The Urban Decay NAKED palette is fit for anyone, and any age.

With a price tag of $44, the 12 color palette is complete with a mirror on the top flap and a dual sided eyeliner in both color "Zero", their best selling black eyeliner, and "Whisky", a great name to give a visualization for what the shade would come out to be...a whiskey brown with warm undertones.   "Zero" is one of the best eyeliners I've tried.  It glides on very smoothly and leaves great color payoff without having use use a kajal liner...which I find to be very difficult to deal with, especially when you want to go for a very neat look. I find kajal liners to smudge too easily, mainly referring to the Stila kajal liner.  Urban Decay "Zero" is a kajal without the muck, with the easy manipulation of a cream liner, like NARS liners.  I would recommend this liner, and it goes to show that other Urban Decay liners must be great as well.

Along with the eyeliner, Urban Decay also throws in a mini size Primer Potion (0.13 fl. oz.) into the mix, another best seller from the Urban Decay line.

Overall, this palette is an awesome value!

The eyeshadows come in that velvetty feel that put Urban Decay on the map as one of the top in the eyeshadow game. The palette comes with the perfect neutral for all tastes, whether you are into shimmer, metallic, and matte shades, you have a couple of each to choose from.

The colors are so easy to blend and manipulate once on your eye. The color and texture of each shade is so rich...definitely worth the hunt and the cost.  I incorporate the hunt...because finding one can require somewhat of a scavenger hunt around to every Sephora or ULTA in town.  If this is on your wish list, keep an eye out and make those phone calls.



What I used:

Revlon ColorStay in #330 "Natural Tan" applied with Sedona Lace kabuki brush.

MAC blush - "Bite of an Apple" applied lightly

Urban Decay Primer Potion all over lid up to the eyebrow.
Urban Decay NAKED palette:
           "Sidecar" along entire lid
           "Darkhorse" for outer V
           "Sin" as highlight
Urban Decay eyeliner - "Zero"
Maybelline Lash Stiletto - Black

Jordana lipliner - Rose Blush
Yves Saint Laurent lipstick - #2 Sensual Silk

All art requires naked beauty...
Stay beautiful.



  1. What can I say?
    This is by far the best post I have read and seen about Urban Decay Naked Palette!
    Your pics look like taken for a magazine!!!

  2. you should be a model Kat =) so pretty!

  3. Amazing post!

    Thank you for the detail on the palette as well as the great pictures that go along with it :)

  4. I love this palette! Looks great on you!

  5. I really need to purchase this palette. Thanks for sharing and for the swatches. The eye shadow looks gorgeous on you.

  6. this is simply stunning !!! i love the way you used it and you are so beautiful im so envious loool


  7. I love the look! and I still have yet to get this palette..every time I get the chance it's sold out! grrr haha

  8. I can't get over you! I love this look and this palette. Thanks for sharing.

  9. wow you look soooo flawless in these pics! i definitely need to get this palette asap...btw which type of camera do you use? your pictures are so sharp and clear!

    Beauty Bag 411

  10. Thanks beautiful babes!!!

    Liana - I use a Nikon D90 :) I'm obsessed with my camera!

  11. @Liana, I believe she uses a Nikon D90. Her pictures are the best.

    @Katrina, where can I find the Jordana lipliner? It's a nice color but I don't see that brand in any of the places I've shopped.


  12. I forgot to ask you in my prior comment ... what color do you have on your nails? Did you add the gold glitter or is that part of the nail polish. LOVE IT!

  13. Hizles, I got mine from the dollar store. Some of them carry it though, not all. Jordana does have a website, and its super cheap

    Heres the link. I have the one in Rose Blush.

  14. Hizles, doent it look cool! It's actually a regular black polish, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather and the gold sparkle is this really neat glitter polish from Sally's Beauty Supply...a Sally girl polish, Costs about 96 cents, and it has this awesome different sized glitter chunks in it! So pretty! I'm going to do a post on it tomorrow!

  15. gorgeous-love it!

  16. I always thought nudes were boring, but after this post i want the NAKED Pallet now!!!!! <3

  17. I knew I should have bought this palette when I saw it

  18. I love your photos! Can you give us any photography tips. Do you use a mirror when taking a photo? Do you retouch your photos? What camera settings do you use? Etc. Anything that will help us achieve beautiful pix like yours.


  19. When this pallet came out I did not really like, but now I want one!!!

  20. you are super gorgeous!!! I was wonderin, how do u take such beautiful pictures like that??

  21. Love it Katrina! I always am a sucker for nudes..LOL. Great post!

  22. Your skin is beyond flawless!! Your face is just perfect, no flaws at all. These photos are absolutely stunning.

  23. Where I live this isn't a big deal. Every time I go into my Macy's I see 5 or 6 in a pile.

  24. this is only of my favorite pallets! i find myself grabbing it almost everyday! <3

  25. Amazing. There is a reason that you are my favorite blogger! Keep up the amazing work!

  26. Hey! I love your look and I love Naked palette!!!! :) I use this palette every day. xxxx

  27. Thanks ladies! I am really in love with this palette! The colors are so smooth, ugh!!!! I do want to do a post with similar colors from the Metals 88 palette by Sedona Lace so those who cant get their hands on it can still rock the looks, and for less.

    This is such a nice palette to give as a gift on Christmas of a b-day. I hope the Sephora by me re-stocks again, I need some more for Christmas!!!

    Anonymous, you're lucky! Yeah, its tough to find one here, the girls are all over it as soon as they restock. I got lucky...and when I did, I bought 4 of them! lol

  28. I want this palette. I also cannot find it anywhere. I really want it!

  29. Anyone know if Urban Decay will be getting more of it soon online because I do not live next or near a Sephora!

  30. gosh, your skin!
    it's breathtaking, seriously.
    idk if you edit it or not, regardless it looks amazing.
    snooooooth like a baby!

  31. It really is a nice palette and the shadows are versatile too. It looks so small though; I wonder where they managed to squeeze in the primer potion? lol

  32. hey katrina - how would you compare this to NYX nude on nude palette? I Looove a swatch comparison, thank you!!

  33. how did you do the eye look with the palette i finally got one and that is the prettiest one i saw and want to know how to do it:)


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