Monday, November 29, 2010

Glitter me timbers!

Sally's Beauty Supply Store carries a lot of top name items in the lines of haircare, nail care, and so on, but we look past some of the little gems that Sally Beauty creates in their own trademark. Sally Girl nail polishes have been a little secret obsession of mine, mainly due to their cheap price tag, at about 96 cents a bottle, and at times dropping down to 46 cents.  It's a mini little thing, but packs a big punch, since you can come home with a couple at a time and test out all of the seasons hottest colors without spending too much.

I've been a fan of Sally Girl polishes for a while, and whereas some colors can take a while to dry, others don't seem to that that problem. For 96 cents a pop, I don't have much to complain about.

I picked up a Sally Girl nail polish in "Chunky Gold Glitter" and coated it on top of China Glaze "Liquid Leather" which is a shiny pitch black polish.  The overall look is very holiday-esque and Christmas ornament like!

"Chunky Gold Glitter" is unique in its variation of glitter sizing.  Both large and small hexagon shaped gold glitter chunks give the effect of a quail's egg pattern, almost as if the glitter is snowing onto the nail.  Each nail gets an individual and unique finish, and the glitter per swipe is very generous. The polish dries rather quickly, and gives a nice shine and top coat along with it. I'm impressed with the polish.

You can find Sally Girl nail polishes at any Sally Beauty Supply Store or on their website at (Sally Girl polishes are on sale for 46 cents on the website)

Chine Glaze - Liquid Leather (Black)
Sally Girl - Chunky Gold Glitter (Clear polish with chunky gold hexagon glitter)



  1. I was in Sally's yesterday and saw the polishes you're talking about.

    Unfortunately, I didn't pick any up, but they have a really wide range of colours, I was impressed by their display.

    How many manicures does a bottle last you?

  2. Ya's not too bad! I think I've used the lavender one I have for about 5 of 6 times and it still looks like there is plenty of product left! I'm really into this line!

  3. I actually just did a NOTD post using the Silver Chunky Glitter over a shimmery forrest green! I loveeee SallyGirl polishes, and I really don't find they are that crappy of quality considering their price. Their glitters are my favorite, and especially for the holidays you can literally layer them over anything and have a holiday look without creativity at all. Love it!


  4. That actually looks like a great glitter polish! I'll have to check them out next time I'm at Sally's!

  5. I love how they look. I love the colors!!

  6. Nice info, I didn't know they were sooo cheap!!


  7. Ooh I'm glad you did this post, I think I saw your nails like this in one of your last posts and was wondering what you used.

    I'll have to pick one of those glitter polishes up!

  8. Wow, I did this exact same look in the beginning of the month too.

    Great minds think alike. :)

    xoxo, amy.

  9. This is such a chic yet simple mani! I love what you did and the Sally Girl chunky glitter np looks so unique and cool.

  10. Nice, Liking the combo. =)

  11. oh i love this! i did a similar style but it was not nearly as great as this combo...will def be trying xoxo

  12. Yah you are right Adorable nails! :)


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