Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Faux Cils and some Rouge

A Light Everyday Look 

YSL Teint Eclat - #7

MAC Pink Swoon

Lancome eyeshadow duo - copper/gunmetal
NARS Cream Eyeshadow - Onyx (smudged)
YSL Faux Cils Mascara

YSL Rogue Volupte - #7 Lingerie Pink

I bought two things from the Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics line that were on my wish list.  I would typically try to find products that were comparable yet cost less, but in this case, I just went ahead and got it.  I couldn't resist the packaging. 

YSL Faux Cils Mascara

Everyone raves about this mascara.  It's infused with nylon fibers and a Triple-Film complex that coats the lashes and is supposed to give you faux lash length and volume without the clump.

The brush is very sturdy yet soft, so it gently glides and coats every lash without tugging.

I do like the mascara.  It's very silky when applied and doesn't clump.  I can apply coat after coat without ending up with tarantula leg for lashes.  The mascara also has a nice scent. Usually mascaras smell a bit medicine like, but YSL went a step further and gave their mascara a nice scent, similar to their lipsticks. I have heard that the mascara can dry out quickly, which is one thing they could have cut some slack on especially if they were to charge $30 for one tube.

As far as length, I found it to be quite average in the lengthening department.  I prefer the lengthening affects of Lancome Hypnose to YSL's Faux Cils.

Overall: I like the mascara, but for the price, I found it to give an average lengthening affect.  Maybe because I have been satisfied with the lengthening affects of some drug store brand mascaras such as Maybelline's Lash Stilleto, and some cheaper department store mascaras such as Lancome's Hypnose, but for such a hefty price tag ($30), Faux Cils mascara is nothing too remarkable to be above the lot.  As far as volume goes, I did like the volume this mascara gives off. I also enjoyed the scent, the silky texture, the more natural black color, the sturdy wand with teddy bear soft bristles and of course...the pretty gold tube. 

YSL Rouge Volupte - #7 - Lingerie Pink

I couldn't leave the counter without the lipstick I have been lemming over for the longest.  I intended to leave with 2 in hand, both #2 and #7, but #2 was all sold out (story of my life). 

YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink (#7) is a milky pale pink that glides on your lips with that silky texture and opaque color that put YSL cosmetics on the map.  

These lipsticks glide on like butter! Besides the obvious gorgeous tube, the shades of the lipsticks are alluring. They do suffer their deposition in how quickly they wear off. 

Overall: I'm happy with my purchase.  This is my 2nd YSL lipstick and in a more wearable color than my first purchase of #13 Peach Passion. I know I will wear this often, but have already noticed how quickly the color fades from my lips.  I have no problem with reapplying it often...and for $34 I better not have a problem with it. 


Please excuse the poor audio. I'm new to this.
at least it's good for a laugh... 



  1. I love the video!!!!!

    You're so beautiful! I love you big sis Katrina!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous♥ I didn't know you make videos! I subscribed :)


  3. I thought it was good! and informative :-)Keep em coming !

  4. Lingerie Pink is so gorgeous! :)


  5. great everyday look. I love the lips and your hair looks fab!

  6. Great video! You'll get the audio right ;-) I have so many videos i haven't posted b/c i wasn't happy with the audio ( in teh background) lol. You look so great in the video too!

  7. Mascara is the one thing that you can cheap out on, the 10 dollar Revlon amazing lash stuff is some of the best Mascara I own or have owned

  8. :) Thanks guys! I tried on the This is the first time I've edited with iMovie...I usually would go to a Windows based computer and edit it with Windows Movie Maker since its so much easier, at least for me...but I really want to learn how to use iMovie. Whatever...I'm just going to keep making videos until I get the hang of it.

    @Anonymous, I totally agree. No matter how much I've spent in the past, I can ALWAYS find a cheaper alternative which I like just the same, if not more. Thanks for the Revlon reminder, I forgot about how amazing their mascaras are! My favorite was that same Amazing Lengths one you're talking about, and the one with the teddy bear brush...makes me want to go out to Walmart and grab one right now!! lol

  9. Ah I am just getting into making video's myself and it is NOT easy! I have so much respect for the big guru's who seem to get it right every time. The lighting, audio, clarity everything has to be right! Not to mention be interesting, informative and don't talk to fast!

    I think your video was great regardless and I'm sure it will only get better. What camera are you using?


  10. OOooh you are so pretty, Katrina!

    and I didn't know you made Youtube videos..


  11. For Being FRENCH I can tell you that you said "Faux Cils" perfectly =)You are so pretty I enjoyed watching that video...

  12. Video star!!! I think we should collaborate! Imagine the blooper footage ;)

  13. Hi Katrina,
    Very nice video. About the audio? Practice, makes perfect! But you looked very natural and down to earth and that is very nice :)

  14. hahhaha, "34 double cheese burgers from the McDonald's value menu" LOL
    Totally make me laugh ;D haha

  15. i must get that YSL lipstick! i'm in love with the packaging lol

    can't wait for more vids =]

  16. I love the packaging of the YSL lippies too! Btw, your hair looks amazing in the picture.

  17. u look so so beautiful !

    anny tsurtsumia

  18. Your main photo looks clearly photo shopped, especially forehead. Please leave trusted reviews...

  19. I like the lippy.


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