Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wonder Jelly

2010 is soon coming to an end, and it's been a year to remember. I met some wonderful people at Rocket XL Social Marketing Agency and was lucky enough to be included into some of their projects. My most recent project with Rocket XL was a project for Unilever, focusing on Vaseline. To celebrate Vaseline's 140th year anniversary, they launched a new flip top container, which is much easier to use from day to day, and a handy way to keep from losing the top...which could be a disaster.

I was sent out to collect various interviews from everyday people, and ask them how they find uses with the magical jelly thats stored in Vaseline jars. I got some amazing footage, and heard of some of the coolest ways to use petroleum jelly. Be sure to check out the Vaseline Facebook page to catch the video! (My feature is not up just yet, but should be up within the next month or so)

Did you know;
You can mix a dab of Vaseline Petroleum jelly with loose eyeshadow to create a blush or eye shadow that lasts longer an moisturizes!
You can mix Petroleum jelly with sea salt to create a nourishing exfoliator which soothes skin and leaves skin soft and glowing after you wash it off!
You can use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your baby's bottom to protect the skin and prevent diaper rash.
There are plenty of uses to use Vaseline Petroleum jelly, and those are just 2 of the 140 uses that I have heard exist.

As a thank you, I was gifted with a love pack filled with a beautiful box tier, tied with a bow and filled with love!

As well as the contents of the boxes, 
I was gifted with a special limited edition 
Swarovski Crystal embellished mini Vaseline jar! 

This is definitely going to be a staple item in my purse!

Make sure to check out the bottom of the post to see how you could 
WIN a dazzled Vaseline bottle of your own from Vaseline!

They spoiled me <3

I love it!

The Jelly Family.

Specifications of each product taken directly from press release:

NEW Vaseline Rich Conditioning Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter
  • 100% Rich Pure Petroleum Jelly
  • Contains nourishing cocoa butter
  • Keeps skin visibly healthy and glowing all day
  • Triple purified
  • Works with skin to help rebuild moisture
  • Suggested retail price - 7.5oz. jar - $2.99

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Baby
  • 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly
  • A gentle jelly that keeps babies' skin soft, smooth, and protected
  • Triple purified
  • Works with your babies' skin to help rebuild moisture
  • Provides visible relief from dry skin when used regularly
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Suggested retail price - 13oz. jar - $3.29

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original
  • 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly
  • Triple purified
  • Works with skin to help rebuild moisture
  • Provides visible relief from dy skin when used reguarly
  • Hypo-allergenic and non-comodegenic
  • Suggested retail price:
  •      1.75 oz. jar - $0.99
  •      3.75 oz. jar - $1.85
  •      7.5 oz. jar - $2.99
  •     13oz jar - $3.29

Some more goodies I was sent! Schick Quatro razor, Nike Dri-Fit Women's Training socks, Ulta loose eyeshadow pigments, Sea Salt from the Dead Sea...all items that I can use in correspondence with my Vaseline products and get creative with taking care of my skin! I especially cannot wait to use the Sea Salt and Cocoa butter Vaseline as an exfoliant!

Win your own Swarovski crystal embellished Vaseline jars!

Share a creative, inventive, or silly way you use Vaseline Petroleum jelly, and submit your video to be entered for a chance to be one of 5 winners of a limited edition jar set and a $1,000 gift card!

Thank you Rocket XL and Vaseline!


Disclaimer: All products shown in this post were gifts sent courtesy of PR.


  1. i've been recently thinking what a WONDER Vaseline is and i don't know what i'd use instead of it.
    i USED TO use lip blams (softlips/blistex/korres lip butter) to keep my lips smooth but vaseline does a better job then all of them regardless of the price.
    I haven't used it for anything else yet though.

  2. ahh! I love the Swarovski jar! I remember seeing it on the Tyra show years ago. It's too cool! :D

  3. love vaseline and the crystal mini one! love the gifts you received!! i don't have facebook...i'll see if i can enter with a friends fb page, lol

  4. Shut up!!! FLIP TOP!!! I'm seriously so excited. I'm addicted to Vaseline as lip balm... I always get the side eye bc there's a jar by bed...

  5. I don't have a video but I do run accross a lot of clients as a Cosmetologist that have great skin and always suggest Vasoline for great skin!! It is a miracle worker for tons of things from chapped lips, dry skin to cracked heels! Loves it!


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