Saturday, October 9, 2010

She needs Jimmy Choo

Day 4 - What's in your bag

Every woman is curious to know what is being carried around in another woman's purse.  A handbag and it's contents can say a lot about a person, and finding out what is inside is like unwrapping someone hidden treasures.  Most bags are not clear...and for good reason.  

The curious trend has swept through the blogger realm, as well as been passed along into the entertainment world!  Tennis players have been shown on the Tennis Channel going through segments during their interviews when they dish out what is being carried with them in their big racquet bags. Pop Queen, Madonna has even admitted to being a nosey purse snooper. 

This is the first time I've ever done a "What's in my bag" post, but it may be the first of many.  It's actually fun to tell...

I brought my Jimmy Choo Alex bag out of hiding in my closet.  I usually take it out during the Fall. It's my favorite bag so I had to use it for my "What's in my bag" post, especially my first one!  This bag is perfect for any occasion, it's just the right size, sturdy, and the gold trimmings on it are beautiful.  When I first heard Jimmy Choo had started to design bags I didn't know what to think of it, but after seeing the Alex bag, there was no doubt about it, it had to be mine! It's too bad that this bag is no longer available for purchase, or I would definitely snag it in more colors.

I spy with my little eye...

Contents as shown from left to right:
  • Louis Vuitton mini accessories pouch in hot pink
  • Sunglasses - Gucci oversized aviators
  • iPhone 4 - took the bling case off for now.
  • Compact point and shoot camera - Canon 1100SD
  • MAC Lip Conditioner in "Feelin Good" with Hello Kitty cap swapped from "Pink Fish"
  • MAC Dazzleglass in "Sugarrimmed"
  • MAC Dazzlecream in "Perfectly Unordinary"
  • Clean and Clear blot sheets
  • MAC lipstick in "Hue"
What's in your purse?



  1. Your bag is gorgeous! I love your LV mini accessory pouch! That's exactly what I need in my life. It's so hard to pick just one!

  2. SUch a big bag for so little things lol

  3. My bag? Just full of school books. Boring, I know, haha.

    Love your aviators, btw! :D

  4. Oh my God you have such a beautiful purse love this Jimmy Choo!!! I also fell in love with the LV pouch so Girly.


  5. i love that little lv hot pink pouch *drools ! <3

  6. I LOVE the point and shoot no joke!! I was thinking about getting one of those for my b-day! Nov 4th I will be seeing you--DT.

    P.S. I miss ya big sis! xx

  7. I always carry tiny purses; just my cards, cash, ids, keys, lip balm lol!

    otherwise i'm attached to a boring backpack ( :

    this reminds me that im so upset that i've lost my blotting sheets! i only used a few! hahaha i love that do you like the iphone4?

  8. Beautiful bag!!!!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new pumps on Thursday, go check them out!!

  9. Thanks guys!

    @Andrea, I know right! hahaha I also realized that when doing this, I don't have that much stuff in there! lol I used to bring an aganda, but now with my iPhone, I don't need it anymore.

    @sssdawna, I LOVE my iPhone!!! I can't live without it now...

  10. I love your JImmy Choo bag. Its beautiful

  11. Oh I love posts like this...and i love all your fashionable items lol :))) But if i did mine it would be a huge post,as my bag is always rammed with so many things

  12. wow too funny i did the EXACT same thing with my feeling good tlc. I actually sold my pink fish on a blog sale with the regular cap. haha

  13. omg that purse is so gorgeous! i love jimmy choo...i just did this same post recently, it is a lot of fun being nosy isn't it? :P

  14. I love that Jimmy Choo bag. You have the nicest things!

  15. your LV pouch is cute!! great choice of color!! i always have my HK lip conditioner too! yay us!!

  16. I have way too much stuff in my bag!! I want a Hello Kitty lip conditioner!!! Gonna go cry!!!

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