Monday, October 18, 2010

Save the Tatas!

Sedona Lace recently released their version of the ever so popular kabuki brush.  A must have for any makeup-ista.  I was sent the 4 Kabuki's that Sedona Lace created, in each color, so I can share them with you!  

Midnight Lace

Sedona Lace's kabuki brushes are very soft, compact, and well put together.  They're unique and give you a choice for personal preference of color you want to purchase, rather than just settling for a color you may or may not like. 

Sedona Lace also carries a small portable kabuki brush luggage to ensure that your kabuki can travel with you safely, without the soft synthetic bristles getting damaged.  Brush luggage is sold separately from brushes, but with a small price tag at $10. 

You can find them on the Sedona Lace website at They're quickly flying off their e-shalves, priced at an affordable $17.95 each, so hurry and get yours!
October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sedona Lace is donating 100% of proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Association when you use code PINK with your purchase. 

Tickled Pink

In our culture, pink is a color that symbolized femininity. A color that s attractive to the eye with its warm hues, reminding us of the ripe redness of the Earth's fruits, and the rosy cheeks of a healthy face.  

Blushed and flushed

Products used:

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer
Revlon ColorStay #330 Classic Tan

MAC Pink Swoon

Sedona Lace 120 palette - using a metallic pink shade all over the lid.
L'Oreal Liner Intense liquid eyeliner
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

MAC Snob lipstick 
- mixed with-
MAC Hue lipstick



Disclaimer: Sedona Lace Kabuki Brushes were sent courtesy of company for consideration.


  1. Gosh, how stunning are you? Your makeup is beyond beautiful.

  2. goddess!!! you are such a beauty katrina

  3. how purrrty! i love the flower in your hair, too : )

    do you ever have your foundation transfer onto clothes or anything? if so, how do you stop that from happening--i hate when it transfers! and colorstay does transfer for me
    : (

  4. Very pretty, lady in Pink! :)

  5. can u do a video tutorial on this look? please. would really appreciate it.

  6. love it girlfriend! i wish i could rock a pink lip.

  7. OMG THTA FOUNDATION LOOKS GORGEOUS ON YOUU!!! amazing IS IT REVLON??? WOOW :o how to try it how ot looks on me i hope nicee It looks so flawless :) :3 LOGE U KATRINA :) :D WATCHING ALL URS BLOG :)


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