Monday, October 4, 2010

Heart Strings

Day 3 - Someone you adore / 5 reasons why

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. 
 - Elizabeth Stone

I could probably make a never ending list of reasons why my son is the reason for every breath that I take, but for the sake of the challenge, I'll stick to the 5 reason limitation. 

His smile

Seeing his smile radiate out in my vision makes me know that everything is alright with my world.  I feel invincible when I see him happy.  I have purpose and reason.  The world looks brighter and feels softer, even the sharpest thorn on a rose bush won't prick my thick contended soul.  He makes me better. 

His curiosity

My son inspires me to look past what the eyes can see.  He awakens a want to constantly learn and never block my brain from accepting new data.   To learn is to be and to ask questions at times is better than an answer.  Just to have a want to know, and is the very basis of education.  

His athleticism & energy

Being the product of two athletes, I knew he would have a few athletic bones in this body, but this baby has super human strength!  I know kids are hyper by nature, but this child has got to have a double dose!  It makes me proud to know my baby loves to stay active, and chasing him around all day helps keep me in shape too!

His enthusiasm & good spirit

The human personality shows itself very early in life, and JJ came out laughing and smiling. He is such a a happy camper, and makes the day go by with so much joy.  He loves to make us laugh and enjoys seeing a smile out of daddy and I.  He understands that when everyone around him is happy, it's a good time, and he shows off for us until all the stresses wash away with laughter.  He brings us so much joy. 

His love!

No kisses are as good as his!  The way all three of us love one another is so strong, you can almost reach out and touch it.  JJ is the best thing to ever happen to the both of us (Jerrid and I) and we tell him that everyday. 

I love my JJ!  



  1. he's adorable! i love his lil face lol... i keep telling you that i remember the day u said u were preggers... he's such a blessing!

  2. this is such a beautiful post... you and your family seem to radiate love.. it's amazing! Your son is seriously the most adorable baby ever and I'm sure you're ecstatic every morning to be able to hold him in your arms.

    thanks for sharing these precious pictures :)


  3. This was so beautifully honest and vivid. In a world where love is so tainted, I was warmed reading this post.

  4. too cute. i hope one day he can see this post and understand : ) beautiful!

  5. Awwww this was so beautiful! I could feel how strongly you feel about JJ! Its so cute and its so beautiful to see how lucky he is to have you and Jerrid. Every photo you put made me go "awwww!" he is an adorable little creature and I know you will have the time of your life watching him grow. I am really enjoying this challenge so far, I always look forward to what you have to say!

  6. adorably handsome! that's ur lil man. But seriously, didn't u just have him! he is so big now! time flies

  7. such a cute baby boy! with a hot mama ; D lol

  8. I love this kat <3

    he has gotten soooo big and growing ever more so handsome!!! jeebus time flies...i remember when JJ was still in your belly!...

  9. I love the quote! Kids are great. Just wait until he begins to speak. He is going to be putting sentences in his own little order that will make you crack up! Kids are truly a gift from God! :)

  10. He is sooo cute. Children are SUCH blessings. My little girl just turned one, she is an absolute angel, my joy!

    Great post!

  11. Wow such a beautiful post! my son Joshua will be three in December on the 28th. What you wrote brought a tears to my eyes. I never heard the love for a child put into such amazing words. Keep up the good work i love your blog. Your an awesome woman and truly blessed! !!!!! much love xox- Brittany

  12. That quote is so sweet! and your son is a cutiepiee

  13. You are a blessed woman! Your son is so adorable.

  14. Really nice post. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I love his "curiosity" picture.


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