Friday, October 1, 2010

Flutter from the Autumn Tree

Autumn is the years last warm smile.  A final hoorah before the cold, humbling winter sets in. Nature throws a party, leaves fall like confetti, and then a roaring flame runs through the mountains as they turn from emerald covered summits to rusty heaps.  Bewitching to the soul, but in just the blink of an eye, you can feel the first snow flake melt on the brim of your lips.  

Living in Florida, we don't get to experience the true essence of autumn.  No leaves fall from the palm trees. No crunch under our feet as you walk.  The closest we get to feeling autumnal is to hang up some cinnamon and pumpkin air fresheners in the car.  Same goes for a real winter.  It does drop significantly in temperature, sometimes well into the 30's, but never do we get snow shoveling weather. 

I got a small taste of autumn while in Ohio.  I wanted to capture the beauty of the changing leaves in a makeup look.

Makeup Used:

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer
Light layer of YSL Teint Eclat in #7

Sedona Lace 120 Palette 1st Edition - 3 base colors
MAC Embark - outer V
Sedona Lace 88 metals palette - 1 color used as highlight
L'Oreal Liquid Liner
Maybelline Last Stiletto
Revlon Falsies - Intensifying

MAC Jazzed mixed with Peachstock
MAC lipglass in Boy Bait mixed with gold e/s



  1. I LOVE the lip combo! Gorgeous!

  2. Love it! Great writing! Great photos! Amazing talent! Love your blog and keep doing what you are doing! I read what those lifeless pieces of sh*t morons wrote on the guru gossip crap. I laughed because it only shows their misery as they revolve their sad little life by sitting on their asses judging good people! It's like not everybody who has a good body is starving themselves and not everybody who is pretty had plastic surgery! GRR! Your blog is awesome! You are super talented! You keep doing what you are doing, girl! :)

  3. Beautiful! The colors really capture the essence of fall....great job ^_^!!

  4. Wow. I lov this autumn make up :)

    xoxo C.

  5. hi
    i loved the whole look
    gorgeous as always

  6. Awww, you're so artistic. The eye and lips looks great!

  7. Fall is my favorite season & I LOVE this look!

  8. yay! more makeup looks. this is such a nice fall look. i need to try this! your looks are always amazing

  9. Cute! But you live in Miami... rain doesn't count as winter!

  10. Thanks for the compliments about this look, I realy wanted to try something new :)

    @Anonymous, I

    @Mina, thanks hun. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I think that website does have a good thing going, there are a lot of gurus who profit off of innocent viewers losses, but some people take it out of context and make hurtful assumptions and comments about who I am as a person, when they know nothing about me besides what I show forth on my blog and Twitter. I am a tough cookie so I can handle it :)

  11. That looks really nice and creative. i love the leaves down your cheek.

  12. I love what you did with boy bait! totally my favorite gloss. Your eyes look gorgeous and love how you did the leaves. I seriously would not be able to do that so nice. I don't have a steady enough hand. I'm lucky if I do my eyeliner straight, hence the reason I got them tatted.
    I see you're wearing earrings in this one! lol That stuck out to me in your last post because I'm the same way with earrings.

  13. you are a goddess katrina.. lovely


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