Friday, October 29, 2010

Eat, drink, and be scary!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, but Halloween crept up very quickly in 2010.  Last year we heard about a Halloween Hoe-down (you can view the post HERE) which took place in our neighborhood and we decided to go.  We had so much fun, and saw that JJ had enjoyed himself too, that we kept our eyes open for the Hoe-down this year.  Luckily, I saw a flyer while JJ and I went out for a walk and it was actually happening tonight!

I wanted to be festive and look somewhat in the Halloween spirit, so I brought out my spider lashes that I bought from Wal-mart and figured I could be a "spider lady" in all black.  Not sure if my point got across, or if I just looked like I'm overly obsessed with long lashes, but I got to try something new, and it was fun.  I wanted to try to pencil in a spiderweb somewhere on my face, but didn't have the time, and we wanted to get there before they stopped doing the haunted hay ride rounds. To make up for time, I dusted off the black lipstick...and yeah, no dice.

My sugar was a wittle lion! Hear him ROARRR!

I'm glad I wore black, or else I would have had his black face paint whiskers and nose visible over my clothes.

Took a photo in the same spot last year! 

Smearing his face paint...

Pumpkin Carving Contest

This one was cool. All three star players for the Miami Heat!

A baby pumpkin...can't help but awwww.

Costume Contest

The little ones

How cute are they! 
Its impressive with how creative some kids got!
I think the box of Cheerios came in 2nd...not sure who won 1st place.

Older kids

My favorites were the jellyfish and the nerd.

Action Shots

JJ had so much fun. 

He ran around with the other kids, ran into other kids, and laughed at other kids running.

The tintage

I love my birthday gifts from Melissa.  She gave me MAC Wicked Ways lipglass and MAC Bite of an Apple blush.  The blush is just gorgeous.  Gradually buildable yet visible with the very first swipe. I mixed Wicked Ways lipglass with Peachstock lipstick to get a color that matches the blush. My cheeks and lips coordinated. hehe. 

MAC Bite of an Apple is my new favorite blush.  It's such a pretty pink, perfect for when winter rolls around.  There is no shimmer, just total color concentration. 

Here is where you can really see my spider lashes...thats what they were called on the packaging. I bought them at Wal-Mart.  It's a great time to buy some really crazy and artsy lashes from Wal-mart and they won't cost you over $5. I picked up 4 pairs and can't wait to get some use out of them soon!

Here's a pic of them on me before I did my hair or put on any lipstick & gloss.

The blush gives you an instant healthy flush and pop!

As for the rest of my eyes, I used MAC Cinderfella all over the lid, and blended it out with a very light silver shadow. I applied mascara, lined my eyes with a liquid liner after applying the lashes, and that was that.  Very simple since I was being rushed. 

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!



  1. Love the lashes! Wow ... I need to get some of these and start really playing with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Your little man is an absolute doll... makes a very scary lion ;)

    PS: if you'd like, come on by my blog and enter my giveaway. Who doesn't love a little Tea with a side of Fashion?

    Yours Truly

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  2. Love the photos! You and JJ are gorgeous. Full of love. Adorable. P.S. Your hair, oh my, how I wish for hair like that. What shampoo or products do you use to make it so shiny? Love!

  3. Gorgeous family and glad you had a fun time!

    You should wear your hair slicked back like that more often! So chic!

  4. JJ's lion costume is so cute! I love the fun Halloween lashes too ^_^ I bet you were the prettiest mommy there

  5. Wow you were Scary Gorgeous Katrine I am LOVING those EXTRA long Lashes Very Sexy =)

  6. Awww! Great post! I LOVE Halloween! JJ looked adorable,(as always!)and you looked so pretty with those lashes! I am going to have to see if my WM carries them. They would look great wwith my costume!

  7. wow it looks like yall had tons of fun! n everyone looks super cute! :) your are so beautiful! n you look like kim kardashian!! take care!

    xoxo babycakes0426

  8. JJ is too adorable and you are beyond hot!!! LOVE YOUR HAIR UP!!! Great job on the flawless makeup (no one would think you were rushed, lady!)

  9. love the lashes. You both look very happy and beautiful! :)

  10. you look like kim k with our hair up in the second to last picture. awesome lashes!!

  11. gorgeous .. im going to try something like this tonight!!

  12. You. Are. GORGEOUS!!! You resemble Kim K. LOVE IT. Little man is adorable too!! Good genes. :)

  13. Gorgeous. Looks like fun!

  14. Hi Katrina! How are you? I miss ya! Thanks for the compliment! Wow your little man is so big now and so adorable! Feels good to get back into the blogging world, definitely miss my ladies! You are still stunning as ever! I am looking forward to catching up on your blog!

  15. I love how you look with your hair up!!! sooo cute!! looks like such a fun day!! <3

  16. you're little boy is so cute and you are very beautyfull (sry for my bad english^^)

  17. It does seem you had a great day!
    You make up is fantastic. Love what you've done. You look absolutely gorgeous

  18. You look just like Kim Kardashian in the picture with your hair up:)


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