Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crashing into me

Day 2 of the challenge, but I'm going to mix up some of the days.  Day 4 down the list was to describe your day and what you did.  Its Day 2 of the challenge, and the second day that Jerrid and I headed out to the beach to enjoy the time we've taken off from work, so I've switched Day 4's challenge with Day 2's for my blog.

Bikini Time

Day 2 - Describe your day / What you did

People shouldn't take life so seriously.  
Nobody makes it out alive anyway. 

We all know the ending to the joke, but what happened to actually putting it to use? Sometimes its good to just lay low, escape, get away, even if for just one day.  One day to let your mind wander and explore. To really grasp the idea that we are just a tiny little speck in a vast sea of existence. To ponder if, beyond our simple existence, we have truly LIVED. 

Walking along the shore, whereas relaxing, also leaves behind your imprint.  A sign of your reality.  Your footprint and 5 toes that while wash away with the crashing waves over a quick period of time, are proof that for a moment, you left a mark on the world. It's just a tease of what you are capable of doing. One small footprint in the sand can inspire you to leave so much more behind, possibly a footprint in someone's heart...a footprint that will never wash away.

Today,  I left my mark on the world.



  1. I always love what you have to say, its always so inspiring!

    Seeing the pictures of you at the beach make me want to head over there at this moment! The weather over there is gorgeous. I love the picture of your feet in the sand with the shore coming up, its beautiful! Captured a great moment.

    And you look gorgeous as always!

  2. beautiful words and pics! omg i would love to go to the beach...but going to the park today was fun too! is that a monokini? ive been wanting one, they're so cute : )

  3. you are so poetic and sound really philosophical in your really sets you apart from others who just talk about makeup and nothing else. i love your blog and your pictures are always super amazing! plus, you're gorgeous :)

  4. You look HOT!! I love the last photo!

  5. You take beautiful pics and your words are insightful. You have an artistic soul =)

  6. the pictures are amazing! you look gorgeous! and btw the post is great! :)

    Smiles and kisses


  7. aw, your post makes me miss my home in florida. youre beautiful girl.

  8. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. So much truth to what you wrote. It's crazy when you really sit back and think about how huge this universe is & that we're this itty bitty speck on another itty bitty speck.

    Beautifully written & I love the pictures. Your camera is bomb btw.

  10. great post, K! looks like we almost share the same bday, i'm 2 days before and 3 years before you...i'm old! so jealous you still get to enjoy the water! it's too cold up here, lol. great post!

  11. I hate you!!! It's 58 degrees in ATL tonight!! Y'all need a live in nanny?? I must continue to move south in search of warmer weather. I can teach JJ spanish. He should be bilingual in such a global world!
    I don't really hate you. I'm just made because it's soooooooo cold....


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