Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday - Part 1

Today, I was spoiled rotten. 

I woke up to kisses, presents, flowers... 
It was like I was still in a dream. 

The entire day was all about me, and I felt like a Birthday Princess!

Melissa gifted me with some goodies from Venomous Villians! 
After all that talk about how she didn't think I should buy anything from the collection...
Now I know why!
I <3 her!

Later on in the evening Melissa, Fernando, Jerrid and I headed for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I had been craving their juicy carna asada all week long.  It's so tender and juicy, with the perfect blend of spices that give it a mouth watering flavor. I suggest anyone in the area to go check it out.  A hole in the wall spot, with home cooking that will suppress any hunger and keep you coming back for years.  You are welcome to come as famished as you can be, and will be eating a meal off of a hot plate in minutes, the service is unreal. 

Las Fajitas
2298 N Dixie Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33431-8003
(561) 620-1981

Melissa and Fernando were'nt photo whores today, but I'll get them tomorrow at the party!

P.S. all photos from today were taken with a Canon XSi! 
Melissa's joined the DSLR world!
Welcome her with open arms!

Can't wait for Part 2!



  1. Happy birthday pretty!
    Where was JJ in all d fun tho? lol
    Nice 2 know it was a good bday

    Btw it is very weird how u and Kim Kardashian are bday mates or almost & look alike.
    U guys also choes d same costume for last yrs halloween or sumtn I believe.
    So d question is who is stalking who?? lool

  2. OMG that food looks so delish! It's making me hungry!!! You look fab as usual too. Happy B-day!!

  3. Happy Birthday dear goddess Katrina :) may all the blessings and good health be with you and your family.kisses to your baby :D

  4. Happy Birthday!!! =D

    that food looks de-lish! lol

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! You look sooooo pretty!!!!!!! The food looks delicious too!!!

  6. what shampoo and condition do you use , your hair is so lovely and glossy and also pls do a haircare routine :))

  7. I love the pictures with you and Jerrid!! You guys look great together!!! Happy Birthday mamas <3

  8. I wish u a happy b-day !

    this food looks so delicious!



  9. Awe!! Cute! Happy happy birthday! The food looks so good!

  10. You and Jarrid are such a beautiful couple. Happy birthday beautiful!

  11. Happy Birthday Katrina!!! Have lots of fun.

  12. aw happy birthday ma <3

    Beautiful photos and i hope you have a lovely day!

  13. Happy birthday beautiful girl!

  14. You look so fabulous!! Great gifts and the camera shots look great! My coworker just ordered the Canon EOS 60D, can't wait to test it out!

  15. You looked AMAZING, happy late b'day! X


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