Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pleasure spiked with pain

Battling the flu...blah. No fun.  I feel as if the universe hit the slow-mo button on me. Hasn't slowed me down too much, just feeling a little off than my usual off the wall behaviors.  Still have time for my vain ventures in my makeup stash. While in Ohio during that week, I donned a rather simple and clean makeup style. A solid eyelid and peachy cheeks.

"The darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us. 
It is the darkness in your own heart you should fear."

In my frenzy for trying to find an Urban Decay NAKED palette in stock at any Sephora around my area, and trust me, there are plenty, I packed some of my neutral shadows to go for that NAKED look.  I fell back in love with my MAC Solar Bits in Bronzescape.  The pigment is a autumnal warm bronze shade and has a liquid metal finish, just be careful of fall out when applying. One of my main pet peeves when it comes to loose pigments. 

Makeup Used:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Revlon ColorStay in #330 Natural Tan

the Balm eyeshadow/blusher in "Hot Mama" applied lightly to apples of cheeks and along cheek bone.

MAC Solar Bits in "Bronzescape"
NARS eyeshadow in "Night Star" as a highlight
NARS eyeliner in "Onyx"
Maybelline Lash Stiletto

MAC Lip Conditioner "Feelin' Good" over lips that have been covered lightly with foundation as a base.


Brand after brand, I think I've gone through almost every mascara there is.  I've settled on a few for a while, loving mascaras from names like Dior, Lancome, YSL, but the prices were outrageous.  I gave up the green for elongated and darkened wispies, but still never gave up the hunt for a drug store equivalent, or something that comes close.  I bought Maybelline's Lash Stiletto a while ago and at first I wasn't a big fan.  Possibly because of the whole patent leather shine promised from the ads, I didn't see it.  I kind of stowed it away with the rest of my make up rejects that I skim through on occasion.  Recently though, I couldn't believe the perfect lash separation.  Lash Stiletto won't give you a patent leather shine to your lashes, but you will be happy with what you do get.  L'Oreal owns Maybelline, and also own Lancome, which is a top name in mascaras so they do know what they're doing. 

Swatch me two times

All the darkness in the world could not put out the light of one small candle.

Keep burning!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Equinox

Blood is thicker than water

There is nothing stronger in life than the love and connection between family.  People who are wired to love each other unconditionally and hold dear to one another through thick and thin. Sometimes, just about the only ones you can turn to in a sticky situation, no matter how bad, you just know they will come through.  Some may find the exact opposite in their blood members, yet create their own families between people they have built a connection with over time and through the hardships.  Either way, family comes first. 

Going away to college was tough.  Being without my family or any familiar face, hopping on a plane and jetting off to a whole new life, at least for those 4 years.  Stress isn't the word...panic suits for the occasion.  Luckily, I wasn't being shipped off to a deserted island to fend for myself amongst the ravaged animals, just a college campus with other kids who felt the same way I did.  

Jerrid showed up in my life, and a whole new chapter opened up. One filled with many laughs, smiles, and a whole new meaning for true friendship.  I never had a friend quite like him, and those best friend bracelets from 3rd grade suddenly felt very irrelevant and goofy. It's not a medal to be worn, or won, but a loyalty that is felt and trusted.  Almost tangible. You're certain it's there. 

Trekking across the country to continue life with me after the diplomas, Jerrid relocated, far from his family...all for me.   We started our lives, and even when everyone is on your side and supports you completely, you want the reassurance of their smiles, bright and right in front of your face...just to know everything is ok. 

We recently made a trip up to Ohio to visit Jerrid's family and friends.  It's been too long, and ever since JJ was born, it's just been even harder for Jerrid's family to count down the days until they can kiss those cheeks of his. 

Fall was approaching and joyful that we would catch the gorgeous colors of the leaves changing, we packed our bags, reserved our tickets, and geared up for the airport.  Bon Voyage!

Snyder Park
Springfield, Ohio

In the heart of Springfield, Ohio, is a history that goes way back.  It's almost as if you travel through time when you visit.  The houses stand, filled with stories and tales. Although many renovations have taken place, you can still see the beautiful history and all American glory shine through.  

Right off a main road in the middle of town is a park, one that can't be missed. A forest covers the grounds, with trails, bridges,  rivers, and a waterfall, straight out of a story book.  We missed the waterfall, since I didn't want to get any dirt on my Uggs.  It was a ways up the that required a bit of climbing.  I was better off staying away from there.  I did stop to snap away on a beautiful bridge, overlooking the river swarmed with lovely swans and quaking ducks. 

What I wore: Just a bland black Calvin Klein sweater along with my blue wash Serfontaine jeans...ones I had forgotten about in the abyss of my closet.  Black Uggs on my tootises and to top it all off, why not...a hat. 

For my makeup, I went for a fresh and clean look. I used Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation in #330, Natural Tan.  On my cheeks, I applied the Balm blush in Hot Mama.  MAC Solar Bits in Bronzescape (LE) was applied to my entire eyelid, which was then highlighted and blended with NARS eyeshadow in Night Star, then lined with eyeliner (NARS cream liner in Onyx) and topped off with L'Oreal Lash Stietto mascara in blackest black.  On my lips I am wearing MAC lip conditioner in Feelin Good (LE).

Young's Jersey Dairy
6880 Springfield-Xenia Rd
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
(937) 325-0629

Along the outskirts of Springfield-Xenia road, about a good 10 minutes down the single lane road lined with corn fields and barns is a little gold mine, if you've got a sweet tooth.  Young's Dairy is Ohio's must see interactive farm, a place every kid needs to visit.  Filled with mini golf courses, batting cages, small rides, and farm animals that eat right out of the palm of your hand. To top of all the fun, the home made ice cream is unmatched, made from fresh milk harvested from the cows in the barn a few feet away. 

Rocky Road + Strawberry Cheesecake.
I'm drooling just remembering!

The waffle cones are fresh made and still warm when you get your scooped cone...yum!

which pumpkin to pick?

This one's the winner!

We visited Young's Dairy during the annual Wool Gathering festival of fibers, where local farmers would shear their sheep and show onlookers how the process is done, harmless to the animal, in fact soothing in the still hot weather. It was like taking a step way back in time, to where women used ewes to spin fibers out of the wool and then knit clothes for their families. Items were sold that were handmade right in front of your eyes!

Sheared sheep.


What baby wants, baby gets...

yum yums!

Schuler's Bakery
457 E Main St
Springfield, OH 45503
(937) 323-4909

Off a busy street in Springfield, Ohio is a small humble littler bakery, with a big past and present.  Everyone raves about Schuler's doughnuts and they say it's a thing that keeps tourists tummies quite satisfied during their stay in the Dayton area.  Everyone grew on up on these doughnuts in town and they all talk about it like it was a staple food during their childhood. When people leave the city of Springfield this is what they miss. Their stories of stopping by Schuler's on their way to and from school, grabbing a quick breakfast munchie or a sweet snack, it made me crave the sweet homemade glazed doughnuts and see what the craze was for myself.  

The doughnuts are certainly fresh, soft, and deliciously glazed with a coating that melts as soon as it touches your tongue.  This entire box of doughnuts was devoured within a few minutes...I had to fight off a few hands to snap the photo above. 

We had a blast in Ohio...and where I do wish I took more pictures, I didn't want to miss any moments for myself.  It's hard to snap a few pics when you have loving person after loving person giving you hugs, asking how the day is going, and shoving food in your face...I was in heaven! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week! 


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Be Back Soon!

Our bags are packed and we're heading out tonight.  Jerrid, JJ, and I are going to Ohio for a week to visit Jerrid's family!  It's hard for him to be so far away from his family, so we've promised to visit as often as we can.  I can't wait to get millions of hugs from all of his family members and take tons of pictures!  

See you all in a week!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tee Jays

I was sent a gift card to use at TjMaxx or Marshalls to go check out their variety of clothing for 60% off department store prices.  The way these stores work is simple.  The buyers for these stores talk down designer pricers right with the designers and then relay low prices down to you!  Now TjMaxx has adapted a new feature, Runways at Maxx, which feature high end designer lines such as Alice & Olivia, Moschino, Se7en jeans, Joe's Jeans, J Brand, and so many more.  Go to the Tjmaxx website and look up a location that has the Runway at Maxx feature by you!

Since the weather is still rather muggy here in South Florida, I went for transitional pieces. Neutral colors are big during the fall months, hot or not, they give that Fall feel.  Fall is still considered beach weather here in Florida, so it's almost unlikely to truly lurk into the fall must haves like blazers and boots.  Those are usually saved for our winter months. 

I headed over to TjMaxx and picked out an olive embellished halter top ($19.99), and a pair of Steve Madden Kasidy braided sandals ($34.99).  Both items cost me under $60 when the shoes alone would have cost that much regularly!

Neutrals and Nature

I used my Sedona Lace metals palette to match my eyeshadow to my shirt.

I paired the halter top with white pants and a pair of Zara flip flops I picked up for $10 on clearance!

All photos shot with Nikkor 50mm F1.4 at around 800fps at ISO 200.

Enjoy your weekend!


Disclaimer : Gift card used to buy items from TjMaxx was sent courtesy of PR for consideration

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My sunshine

You know those days when you look up at the sky and you see the dark clouds coming in, but you still feel like its the most beautiful day ever. 

Today was one of those days.

"Even through the darkest clouds, 
you still make my days the brightest"