Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swatch - MAC Lipstick - Jazzed

Yeah, I know, I'm late.  For those of you who have missed out on this one, here's what you missed.  For those of you on the hunt for this at your local MAC, awaiting these to hit the CCO, or going on a scavenger hunt on eBay, this post may come in handy. 

A swatch of my newly purchased MAC lipstick in "Jazzed" from the In the Groove collection.  I thought it was a goner and wasn't even going to ask the saleslady at the MAC store to check, thinking she would laugh it off and tell me it was gone the same hour it was released, but to my surprise...alas, it was mine.  Lesson learned, no question is a stupid question....especially when it comes to shopping.

Jazzed was a big hit, and it's really not a shocker to me.  The color is very rich, and even thought it's on the orange side, it's still wearable, even for the non-brave. This summer was huge on peach shades, and Jazzed suits the trend, perfect for a toned down peach look, or gradual layering to create an intense oranged lip. Either way, very chic!

Jazzed is similar to YSL's lip rouge in Peach Passion, but not as opaque or nearly as bright.  Jazzed is toned down, glossy, and has gradual color payoff. 

Update:  I have yet to post up my complete MAC haul, but it will be up shortly. I've been a bit busy around the house.  Last weekend I was blessed with an invite to attend the Caress event launch of their Velvet Bliss products at club SETon South Beach hosted by the wonderful Costa Rican superstar, Debi Nova.  I have tons of photos from the event.  Previous to the event I was lucky enough to have my makeup and hair done by one of the most fabulous salons in South Florida, Glam Hair Miami. They glammed me up and curled my locks using their fabulous home made hair spray to make sure my hair would hold for the entire night.  



  1. Such a pretty color! I love it! I still need to go check it out. I might be too late but better late than never. Hopefully, it's still in stock.

  2. love this color...definitely a shade I would lean towards! great swatch! can't wait to see ur mac haul and the photos of the caress event.

  3. I couldn't find Jazzed anywhere, it was so depressing lol. It seemed like Jazzed & Stereo Rose were gone at all the local MAC's within the first day.

    Jazzed really reminds me of more vibrant Peackstock. I hope it shows up at CCO one day ^_^

    I think it looks amazing on your lips, I love your lippie reviews as always. Have a great weekend girl!



  4. it suits your gorgeous skin tone, it's a nice colour though. xo

  5. Jazzed is very pretty and when I thought I forgot about it I see this post. LOL Def will ask the mua if they have any left.

  6. prety lip color! can't wait for the MAC haul. sounds like a fun event- you should post pics!

  7. loving this color, it's so summery :-)

  8. I love it!! Looks perfect on ur lips!


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