Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Looking Up

The pieces are finally starting to settle into their correct place, like a puzzle, but much more complicated.  We all have our moments, and we try to surround ourselves with those who make us smile.  I've recently witnessed the courage and strength of man, and when its displayed to you through your own family member, it hits you like a brick wall, and teaches you so much in an instant.   If you have been following my tweets you would have know that my dad was recently taken to the hospital.  He is doing very well, but it was a bumpy road, bumpier for us than it was for him.  Positivity and prayer helped him through, and helped us just as much.  In my family, we like to freak out about things...thats just the way we are.  

Life is lived moment by moment, and what you make of these moments is what it remains.  

"life is only what you make it"

You can have it all, but if you have no craving to smile, it's a tease all in itself.  Happiness and security within ourselves makes us who we are.  Never to be guided by another one's success into the path of sin, but rather to look at your own fortunes and blessings, many of which can come in disguise, and thrive with pride in our hearts for what matters to us. 

Along the way, never forget to smile. 

With things looking up, the household has returned to it's normal go-round. 

Last week, before all of this happened, Jerrid and I heard about the scrimmage game being held by the local university football team, and we popped over to enjoy some pigskin and get some sun. 

It was hot, all up until it started to rain, in which instance we headed over to the mall to grab some food. 

Earlier today, I felt a bit inspired to do a look to go along with my new beige suede fringe vest that I purchased from Asos.  The big sale that was going on has lured me in numerous times, in fact, I'm anticipating another package from them any day now.  The shipping does get to you quite tardy, but what comes inside the box is all worth the wait.  I would say you're in for a 10 day wait...speaking from my previous experience. 

The store is located in the UK, so of course, you should be prepared for a wait if you're located here in the states, but with their new $6 shipping charge to the US, I have no complaints.  The site is jam packed with adorable pieces that come along with equally adorable price tags, extra adorable prices in the clearance section! The sizing is a bit tricky, but there is a helpful size chart.  Make sure you check out the chart and choose your size confidently.  The jeans and leggings do run a tiny bit bigger, so you may want to go down a size. 

Perfectly paired up with my Michael Kors heels along with Asos denim leggings.

I wore another one of my Asos purchases to the Caress event which you can check out HERE and HERE.  It was a white denim dress with lacing through the straps that tied at the back.  I also bought an inspired version of Rihanna's black Funktional cage shoulder mini dress.  I wish the dress was available from the Funktional website, but it's a goner. Asos's version cost me only $26 in the clearance section.  WIN!  I'm awaiting a long sleeve mesh mini dress and a scoop neck/bottom white tank...should be here by tomorrow.

My makeup:

L'Oreal Facial Primer
CoverGirl whipped foundation in "Classic Tan"

MAC blush in "Springsheen" applied lightly on apples of cheeks

MAC eyeshadow in "Samoa Silk" on the entire lid
MAC eyeshadow in "Embark" in outer V and crease
Stila kajal eyeliner in "Onyx"
CoverGirl Colossal Lash mascara. 

MAC lipliner in "Subculture"
MAC lipstick in "Creme Cup"

Photo taken with 50mm F1.8 lens

Now for some silly photos...

No comment...

Smiling from cheek to cheek at this great thing called LIFE!

*I love you*

Stay strong, and stay smiling!

I love you all!



  1. love it all!! we need to catch up soon!

  2. thanks so much for commenting back on my blog. it means a lot to come from you because even before i had blogger i was following you! stay strong and im glad things are going better with your dad. your makeup is on point as always :)

  3. Aww so cute! Love the eye looks, gorgeous.

  4. its crazyyy i feel like I hv watched ur little grow right before my eyes.*sigh* lifee.
    Awesome pictures as usual Trina

  5. Awww Katrina, this is a great blog post!! You are so beautiful- inside and out!! :)


  6. Love everything about this post. Strength and prayer helps a lot. I lost my Dad 7 years ago it was the worst experience for me especially at a young age. I was angry with the world but let his spirit live on and it has helped me get through these years. I'm so happy for your family and glad to hear your Dad is doing much better. Always Keep strong!...

    I love love your fringe vest ASOS is one of my fave sites! love them!... love the makeup as well ;) and the photo with you and your son at the end is way too adorable.


  7. glad to know your dad's ok now. a challenge like this is what makes us stronger. just pray and everything will be fine. :)

    on a lighter note, your make up is gorge! :) and btw, you do have a resemblance with kim k. :) has anyone told you that? :)


  8. May your father have a good recovery. You and your family are beautiful. I wish I was as gorgeous as you!

    <33 Chau

  9. awww is that your baby!
    super cuteeeeee!


  10. You're so gorgeous! I love your makeup looks!! You gotta put some more on YT!!

  11. You have a very beautiful family, girlie!

    I will still continue to keep your family and dad in my prayers. I almost lost my dad last year, and it scared the crap out of me!

  12. Great shoes. pretty makeup. you always look lovely.

    I love ASOS too! Do you know how they're sizing runs for their shoes? I want to get a pair but I'm a half size and I don't know whether to go up or down a size.

  13. beautiful, especially that last photo of you and your adorable baby!

  14. You should do a post on what you do to keep yourself into shape! :) & ps, I love your blog its amazing <3

  15. Your son Is adorable. I love taking pictures like that with my sons!

  16. im glad your dad is doing better : ) your son is almost as tall as his daddy *hehe* im lovin the outfit and will have to check the store out.
    have a great day!

  17. I am glad to hear that your father is getting better...You look AMAZING and that Asos Jacket is just KILLER I need it =)
    Ps: The last picture is the most beautiful "Mommy&Son" picture I've ever seen.


  18. :) smiles all around that your father is getting better he will continue to stay in my prayers sweetheart.

    You did well with your ASOS buys looking fabulous as usual.

    My goodness JJ has grown, he gets more and more beautiful with each picture you show us.


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