Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Before you dress, Caress!

Here are some photos from the event in which Debi Nova and Caress teamed up to launch the new products in the Velvet Bliss collection from Caress.  The event was at club SET on Miami Beach and the venue was beautiful.  

Rather than a display of bottles, Caress Velvet Bliss bottles decorated the shelves.

There were plenty of snacks for guests to enjoy. 

We ran into Rosy from

She is so full of life!

The gorgeous Debi Nova on the red carpet.

Debi wore a dress that she had designed herself with a friend.  She truly has a style that is all her own, a very hippy chic natural style and she isn't one to pass up a bargain, as she strutted down the red carpet in sexy lace up Aldo boots. 

Debi is a tiny little thing, but the voice that comes out is so strong.  She truly is empowering as a woman!   Her confidence and talent are inspirational and her beauty goes far beyond skin deep, she is so kind and friendly.  I wish her so much continued success and still can't believe how she isn't a household name yet, but I'm sure she will be soon. Her music and lyrics speak volumes!

For her performance she changed into another outfit that she had designed, and wore in her video for Drummer Boy, her breakthrough hit single!

Backstage with the girls and Debi Nova.

Jeez, I look TALL!

It was such a beautiful night and we got to go home with goody bags filled with Caress Velvet Bliss goodies.  Jerrid is a happy as I am with all the stuff, he loves shower goods.

I'm really proud of this pic! 
Took it with my Nikkor 50mm F1.4 with lighting from the window.

Check out the beautiful Costa Rican singer,
Debi Nova in the video for her new hit single,
"Drummer Boy"



  1. I love ur dress!!! Debi is awesome!! I really liked her debut album!! I wish she would more successful!

  2. First off, you look GORGEOUS!!! That event looked so fun! I LOVE Caress products! Was this on August 4th? I went to an event that night as well lol I am currently writing a blog on it, I hope you will check it out later =) Keep in touch ♥ XOXO Chloé

  3. caress smells great. u look like a model

  4. you looked great! i cant believe
    you have had a baby and look so

    Katrina, will you post on how your
    workout routine is like?


  5. Gorgeous Picture it's so Purple-y love it.
    YOu look Incredible and Tall on your the picture I L O V E it Stunning !


  6. wow u look great! that event looks like fun

  7. Katrina you are so damn beautiful. keep up the incredible blog! It saves me during my long boring work days. Love you!

  8. Your last pic is definitely amazing, good work! :)

  9. you are soo gorgeous!!!
    Please do a workout routine post.
    You are super pretty xoxox

  10. the last shot is amazing!! well done, K. Lo!

    love me some Debi Nova!!

    looks like a very nice event!! love all the goodies you got to walk away with! i love caress :)

    did i mention you look absolutely stunning!! love the hair, makeup and outfit!

  11. wow!
    she looks really gorgeous!
    i love her outfit and her tan!


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