Sunday, July 11, 2010

Golden Goddess

I checked the mail and had a pretty packaged box waiting for me by the door.  As soon as Sedona Lace launched their 88 metallics palette, I was all over it.  Metallics are so easy to blend and manipulate on your eyelid, perfect for a quick put together.

The first color that popped right out at me was a deep golden orange.  I wanted to do a look using that color, and I did.

The color reminded me of the first peachy golden rays of the sunrise.  Perfect for summer.


A cute detail to the lips, adding a stripe of oranged gold to the middle of the bottom lip.

What I used:

Smashbox Photofinish Primer
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation in #330 - Natural tan

MAC MSF in Stereo Rose (LE)

3 colors from the Sedona Lace 88 palette
    - Metallic orange
    - Bronze
    - Light gold
NARS cream eyeliner in Onyx
L'Oreal liquid liner
L'Oreal collagen infused mascara
La Charme false lashes. 

MAC Lipstick in Semi-Annual (LE)
Brushed a stripe of the orange eyeshadow down the middle of my lip.

This look is very easy to do.  Dealing with metallics gives you plenty of room for error. 

I also filmed a video tutorial for this look.  Excuse the horrible quality and sound...this is my first video EVER...of many, so please bare with me. 

I hope you've enjoyed!


Product sent complimentary of the company for consideration.


  1. I love this look! And your first video is really good =) I cant wait to get my own palette like that so I can create gorgeous looks like this! Great post! xoxo chloé

  2. I really like this look! Very pretty choice of colors! Great video - I would just like to say that I wish we could see you apply your eyeliner. You forward it and we see when you already have it on. I have a hard time applying eyeliner, and would like to see how you do yours. Thanks!

  3. stunning! great look on you. i really love your earrings too!

  4. This look is amazing!
    I can't wait to see more videos from you:)

  5. You look so incredible!!!!! Love this post!

  6. Oh my goodness...I just realized that I totally cut out the eyeliner application and falsies...all that good stuff from my video. i'm so sorry. I was rushing during my editing. I will have more videos, so I will do a video on that.

  7. And thank you all for the kind comments! :) I'm so glad you liked this look and the video!

  8. finally a voice behind all beautiful photos. I love your first video and this look is really amazing!

  9. Katrina this look is hot! I love how you went creative with the eyeshadow on the lip! Im stealing that :)

  10. im sooooo glad youve started doing videos!! im sitting here editing my first video..since ive finally built up the courage. good luck!!

  11. So Glad you did it !!!!!!! It's a beautiful look and a VERY helpful tutorial girl you are the BEST =)

  12. This is a truly wonderful, very detailed video! Thank you so much for sharing it, Kat! =)

  13. looooove it! so glad you made a video! hope to watch more of your tutorials :)

  14. this look is sooo gorgeous! i want that palette now :P great video too!

  15. Hearing so many great things about sedona lace. Gorgeous look.

  16. yahh to first vid lol

  17. very pretty look.... and congrats on your first vid.

  18. YEY! I love it! and I'm so happy you did a tutorial! YEY!

  19. Love love the video & pics!!

    omg and congrats- it says u are #10 most subscribed gurus this week!!! Nice!

  20. Everything is so gorgeous, I can't get over it! You are so beautiful!

  21. a vid tutorial! thanks so much!

  22. I didn't know you had a YT channel! Your voice is so cute. lol

    Love the look!

  23. STUNNING!!! You're so beautiful! ♥

  24. Love the colour combination =P Looking gorgeous, as always :)

  25. I wanted to ask you some questions on your skin care routine on your cbox and I saw that I was banned ! Is it because I asked you why do you photoshop your pictures ?
    I don't understand why you banned me from your cbox. I didn't ask anything that might hurt you. I even complimented you because I love your blog ! You even deleted my questions.
    That's not cool. Anyways, good luck
    for your next videos ! :D

  26. Thanks girls!!

    Hey Lyn, sorry about that. I didnt delete any comments, and I just simply don't remember your question in my're not the first one to tell me such a problem though, so I applogize. About the banning...I have no idea, I didnt ban you.

    Anyway, I don't photoshop my images, I use Picasa to edit them. I give them a little bit more of a pop of color since they can get a tiny bit washed out with the lighting that I use...which is an LED light and sunlight..both counteracting one another...but its the best kind of lighting for skin. I also use a portrait lens to take my images, which is very flattering to the skin texture. I dont change my face or do anything drastic, just a few minor details that need to be enhanced. Its more appealing to everyone.

    About my skincare routine, I have been using my Cellnique products lately with great results, but because they didnt send me a real moisturizer, I have kind of been stuck without a good one. Te ones I used to use are a bit too greasy for the summer. I have always loved Lush products tho, ever since I discovered that they existed a year ago. They're natural products are both affordable, and really good for your skin. They have stuff for every type of skin! But beware...when you step foot in the store, you're gunna want to buy everything.

    Hope I helped!

  27. That was great for your first vid. congrats!

  28. Oh I see! My bad! I'm sorry, I thought I was really banned because of that. It was my first time asking you some questions, I've just discovered your blog :)

    Really ? You only use Picasa to give your pictures this great quality ? Thanks a million times for the tip ;)

    And thank you so much for the informations ! I'm looking for some new products for the summer :) I'll give a try to the Lush products, I've read very good review on this brand ! I'm looking for something more natural & I think this brand might be the best for that.

    Thank you again Katrina for taking the time to respond to me. :) That's really nice and I wish you best of luck for your blog & youtube channel !

    Have a nice day ! (:

  29. you look gorgeous!
    i LOVE the makeup
    and those earrings are really cute

    great tutorial

    gonna go subscribe =]

  30. i'm so happy that you made a video. every time i watch a makeup video, i always learn something new. i sure did from yours as well. i don't feel like i got enough skills (yet!) to try the gorgeous makeup like that. it might be worth trying if i could look like you though!

  31. You are ridiculous with your retouched face.


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