Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Golden Age

I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube Channel and has supported my venture into the video community.  You have all made the experience a total pleasure.  I will be recording another video; about whatever, sometime this week.  I'm so exciting about filming now, and just glad that I finally have my first video out there. 

I have really found a lot of inspiration recently, and will be expanding my horizons with looks that may not be as wearable as my previous, but will be fun to look at, I promise.  I just put in a large order for props, wigs, gloves, and other costume accessories on a costume website.   I even have an order in for Derma wax and fake blood, so be ready for some gore. (To prepare you for Halloween!)

This week has been all about gold for me.  Every time I open my palettes, it jumps out at me. Not a bad color to deal with when you want something quick and easy.  Gold is flattering to any skin tone, is a metallic which is easy to blend, and brings out your natural warmth. 

The photo I posted was a failed video tutorial...there was no sound to it.  Golden Smokes.

The photo was also taken with my camera settings on vivid colors...I HATE that setting and was done shooting my pictures when I noticed. Vivid color setting takes away from the quality of the image just to make your photo have more contrast...hence you look more orange, and the photo isn't as high def.  Contrast isn't good for skin...it will darken some spots and lighter others making your skin look uneven and discolored, even though it is not.  This can make your skin look horrible.  It also made my eyeshadow look...greenish? Boo. 

Just a little tip to taking photos....if you are wondering. 

Take your portraits on portrait color settings.  If your color is too washed out, you can always edit it back in using free internet programs such as Picasa or Photobucket.  It's easy, and it's FREE!!!

It just wasn't my day...technically

What I used:

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer applied all over the face
Revlon ColorStay in #330 Natural Tan - A+ full coverage foundation/found in any drug store.

MAC Blush in "Gingerly" - used to contour cheekbones
MAC MSF in "Stereo Rose" - my new addiction. 

3 colors from Sedona Lace 1st edition palette
   - Light yellow gold applied all over lid
   - Black to blend outer V and crete "smokey" look
   - Pale gold to highlight under brow bone.

MAC Lipliner in "Subculture"
MAC Lipstick in "Hue"

If you were lucky enough to pick up Stereo Rose from your local MAC, or if you were lucky enough to grab a hold of it within the first 2 hours of it launching online (since it sold out in that time), I bet you're loving it.  I was never a big fan of MSF's and in fact, whenever I did buy one, I would return it the second day.   I hated the greasy shine they gave my face, especially since I find that Revlon ColorStay doesn't really need to be set with any powder.  I would prefer to add color to my face with a plain powder, like a Smashbox or Cargo bronzer that has absolutely no shimmer or sparkle to it. 

Stereo Rose is a color I have a hard time describing...it sort of peachy and pink, but has a weird sheen to it.  It's not shimmery, and it's different than other MSF's in the sense that it blends so nicely with your natural skin texture without making your pores look like a turtle nesting area.  I love it. 

I will also be giving you a detailed review of the Sedona Lace 88 Metallics palette with photos of the colors so you can get a good idea.  I also have the 10 pan camouflage concealer palette on the way from them...can't wait to get it!

Looking to buy from Sedona Lace
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  1. OMFG!!!! What an incredible photo!!!! LOVE IT!!!! You're by far the most beautiful blogger EVER!!!!


  2. This is beyond beautiful!!!
    You look gorgeous=)

  3. You look so beautiful in the picture :)!!
    love the makeup.

  4. Beautiful look! I so love the ring you're wearing, it's so pretty

    I see what you mean, stereo rose does not look greasy!

  5. great job! I love the eyeshadow and I love the photo even though you don't sound like you are too happy with it. You are too hard on yourself sometimes. Beautiful girl.

  6. gorgeous look as always! so glad you'll be making videos too!

  7. Thanks for the promo code. I just bought the shimmers. Can't wait!

  8. You look absolutely gorgeousssssss =P Looking forward to your future looks with all the props you purchased :D

  9. you are absolutely gorgeous!


  10. Hi Girl! love your photos what kind of camera do u use?

  11. Wow. This look is gorg. Im really into gold too. And blue. Im doing my Katy Perry tutorial on Saturday! You will love:)

    I subscribed to your Youtube.
    Check me out at

  12. stunning!


  13. You look a lot like Kim Kardashian. Gorgeous.

  14. this is absolutely gorgeous! ahhh I love gold e/s! looks amazing on you!! ;)

  15. I cannot help but say that, yes you do share a resemblance to Kim Kardashian- which is by all means, a great compliment. On the other hand you are still individually beautiful- and much more refined and natural. You are also a brilliant writer.

  16. Wow you did a wonderful job with the eyeshadow! You are Stunning!!!



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