Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Despite horrible lighting from the sun, hidden behind a cloak of dark clouds, we continue.  I continued, posing affront my bedroom window longing for every ounce of sunlight to illuminate my skin and be captured with every snap of the shutter.  

It's been a gloomy past week here in South Florida.  Not much to do, only because there isn't much want to do.  It's so easy to forget the whole world out there when you seclude yourself and consume your world with minuscule home entertainment. 

I'm wishing to go far, far away...to the mountains of Peru.  To feel my feet land upon that soft green grass of the ancient ruins. To smell the moss, wet with dew, around me.  To feel the healing powers from the turquoise and quartz that grows beneath. To breathe in the cool, crisp air and feel replenished with life. 

So, I've been inspired.  

I found two colors in my Sedona Lace 120 palette that made a perfect match to my handmade Incan style earrings.  I finally found these earrings after digging through my stash for hours, which is a tough endeavor when you have a 1 year old helping you. 

The darkness from outside made it tough to take photos.  I usually se the natural light from the sun to light my portraits, but this time, it was tricky because I had to use a much longer exposure and boost the ISO, which isn't very flattering.  The lighting was horrific, and so, the photos aren't my favorite, but fit into the persona of this post. 

What I Used:

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer
Revlon ColorStay Foundation #330 - Natural Tan - 
Foundation was applied all over face with foundation brush and then patted and blended in with a stippling brush, both from the Sedona Lace 12 brush kit. 
Avon concealer stick in medium.

MAC Blush in Gingerly.  I've been obsessing over this blush lately, its so perfect!
Blush is applied to shadow of cheek bones to contour and shape the face. 

3 Colors from the Sedona Lace 120 1st edition palette. 
2 aqua shades and a silver to highlight. 
Colors are blended using a soft and long bristled eyeshadow brush, also included in the 12 brush kit from Sedona Lace. 

L'Oreal Colagen enhanced mascara - Blackest Black
L'Oreal liquid liner in black
NARS eyeliner in Onyx
La Charme falsies in #747S
FreshLook Color Contacts in Ice Blue - they look Greyish.

MAC lipliner in Stripdown - blended in with finger tip
MAC lipstick in Close to Real (LE)
MAC Monochrome lipglass (LE)

Stay inspired!



  1. You look soooooo amazing in these pictures!!!!


  2. It's Amazing Katrina I love this look it's Gorgeous...I look more like a transgender than a Princess with green on my eyes (lol) I am envious...


  3. Very Pretty!
    Thanks for the little description oh how to. =D


  4. love this look and Jesus Christ woman do you EVER take a bad picture? lol.

  5. wow. Another post and another jaw dropping adventure you take me on. You are fantastic!

  6. absolutely stunning! i absolutely love your blog. I think this post is great because you give so much detail on how to achieve the look.

  7. You will be discovered. Your face deserved to be in magazines.

  8. you are gorgeous! green looks great on you and i am in love with that lip combo.

  9. This is a gorgeous look on you, I wish I could pull off greens. And I love those earrings!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, Katrina.

  11. Really loving the eye makeup!

  12. You are a perfect role model! You're an amazing model. Keep it up! Your one of my fav. blogs:*

    I love how you helped me how to put on this eyeshadow with the picture:)

  13. gorgeous... i love the lil travel description

  14. You look stunning as ALWAYS!

    You seriously inspire me to try looks that I normally wouldn't. This is the most beautiful green eyeshadow look I have ever seen! Its not usual yet its not overwhelming.

    Love the inspiration you give your readers!

  15. Flawless.

    Ahh you make me feel inspired now.

  16. you look so kim kardashian-ish. LOL. very pretty. those colors are gorg on your skin!

  17. I used to hate your blog and think you were ugly and boring but now youre like really pretty and I love coming here. Good job and keep at it.

  18. lovely look!!! despite the bad lighting, you did an amazing job with the shots :) i know a lot about peru (husband is peruvian) and cuzco is def a destination we'll be hitting up soon!

  19. I just in awe with your photography! I can't get over how beautiful you look! I'm so inspired to create something for you. I rarely work on elaborate pieces, but this post really makes me want to create. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  20. pretty!!! i love it

  21. Love the look and shadow!

  22. Hello Katrina, may I ask your nationality?


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